Saturday, November 26, 2005


This week we are going into is one of the worst sales weeks of the year for supermarkets. Here is PA, lots of folks go huntin' including about half of the male staff of where I work. It's gonna be a slow week.

I've never been hunting and I don't ever plan to go.

Now, if I could mount a small machine gun on the handlebars of my mountain bike and shoot a deer that way............nah, I'm just kidding...........there ain't no way I could shoot a deer.

I don't have anything against hunting but from what I've heard, to do it properly, you go to a cabin in the middle of the woods, drink beer, play cards, fart and watch TV. The actual hunting part is only 2 or 3 hours in the mornings and involves sitting very still in the freezing woods to wait until a deer walks by so you can shoot it.

My idea of fun out in the woods is to either hike or bike on the trails and shoot pictures of things that interest me. An ideal vacation would be to get a cabin in the woods, drink milkshakes, eat pizza, play cards, fart, watch some TV and ride bikes.

I used to work with a guy that goes hunting every year with a bow and arrow. He almost always gets a deer and the meat feeds his family for the entire year if he's lucky. Gotta respect that. To me, that's what hunting is all about.

I know I blather on about all kinds of stuff, does anyone have any holiday shopping horror stories? I stopped in to where I work to pick up my paycheck Friday afternoon and some lady at the customer service desk was chewing the managers face off about something being priced wrong by 10 cents , I thought she was gonna pop a vein.

I mean seriously, 10 freakin' cents? Holy crap, why ruin your day over 10 cents because as it turned out........she was wrong anyhow, because the manager looked up the price on the computer and it scanned correctly. I would have loved to film the whole episode and been able to play it back to her. Life is too short to worry about 10 cents.

When I die, I don't want them to play back my highlights film and have a segment where I argue with a clerk over 10 cents. They might have a few clips of me giving motorists the finger when I got cut off on my bike or telling someone they are an asshole but I'm okay with that.

If she woulda been nice-the girl at the counter probably would have just given her the ten cents.........

Two quick stories...........

I took my mom shopping for a laptop computer earlier this year. We saw a very nice unit at Sam's so we bought it, when we got it home, it wouldn't boot up so we returned it. Through an unbelievable comedy of errors (mostly ours, but Sam's messed up too) it took the poor lady at the counter a good half hour to process the return. Sure, we coulda been pricks but what would that had proven?

It goes back to that old saying.... "Smile and the world smiles with you, frown and you can kiss my ass" ...or something like that.

Second story....

We give out free cookies to all the kids where I work. I had a young man about 7 years old interrupt me last night at work.

He said "Sir, may I please have a cookie?"

Hell, I have him two to eat on the spot and a 3 or 4 to eat later. I told him that I really appreciated his good manners.

Moral of the nice and you might get an extra cookie sometime.

Ummm, this guy might have a different way of looking at things. Totally and I mean TOTALLY not safe for work-every other word is f**k. Why put a link up to this asshole? I put it up to remind ya'll that the internet is forever. Can you imagine this guy's grandkid's finding this in a couple years? I'm sure he'll be proud.

I listened to a PBS podcast of this guy trying out his cheat sheet, it really works.

I know I have a few British guys have to pay for a TV license? WTF? If that was the case here in the good ole USA, we'd have a revolt.

Don't ask me how, but I got 1544 on this game.

Don't do drugs. Also don't wear a pink trucker hat instead of a bicycle helmet. SFW until the last 5 seconds..........and then it's not safe for work due to language. Oh, one more thing-if you don't have a sense of humor about religion............skip this one.

More holiday cheer. Nice.

What it's like to work at Google.

I call bullshit on Microsoft. I think they knew they had a problem. I cancelled the 360 preorder we had because I don't wanna pay 400 bucks for the privledge of being on Microsoft's R&D team. Maybe we'll get one next year after they figure out what's wrong.


Anonymous said...

Yes, we do pay for a TV license, but we also have the best TV and radio in the world. Too too many adverts in the US!

Ptelea said...

My dad took me hunting one time. We stayed at the family cabin. We walked into the woods just far enough so that we couldn't see the cabin. We sat on a log until we got cold and then we went back to the cabin. My dad wasn't a very motivated hunter.

hereNT said...

2415 - I have no idea how I did that. Just clicked one and they all kept spinning for a couple of minutes...