Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Pole.......what pole?

The highlight of the past 48 hours for me was watching some soccer mom talking on her cell in her SUV drive directly into a light pole in our parking lot at work. She wasn't going that fast but they had to tow her vehicle away. I was getting out of my car at work and was lucky enough to be looking in the right direction at the time.

How the heck can someone not see a 4 foot high concrete stanchion with a light pole and light?

Here's why blogging rocks. How long do you think it would have taken for the mass media to get the word out once someone found out about Sony's rootkit? If it wasn't for some guy with a very popular blog, I think it woulda took longer then it did. I know I posted a link about it here and an average of 150 people read this blog and this is a small blog.

We have one of these pre-ordered. Woo hoo. I'm not much of a gamer, but I like the driving games.

Speaking of driving, I watched part of this race on Sunday and it was boring. Maybe it would be better in person. At least Tony Stewart won the championship. The guy can drive anything with wheels. Rusty Wallace is retiring? Don't let the door hit you in the ass, pal.

This is how another country sees President Bush. Am I baggin' on the guy? Maybe a little, but something has to change sooner or later. I like what Bill has to say, I don't agree with him 100%, but he seems to have a handle on what's going on. Was he part of the problem as well? Oh yeah, but I think he has/had more integrity then Bush........even though he couldn't keep small Willie in his pants. He's lucky his wife didn't divorce him.

I don't own a gun, but I think everyone who hasn't been convicted of a felony should be required to openly carry a firearm. Shit like this would happen a lot less. The world might still feel his anger but he'd probably be feeling a lot of bullet holes right now.

I'm no expert on business, but ya gotta wonder how long GM can still pump out mediocre vehicles and still stay afloat. I own a 2000 Plymouth Grand Voyager and I do believe it will be the last domestic vehicle I buy.

My wife drives a 2001 Subaru Outback which cost about the same amount and it's a much better made car. Funny thing is, is that our Subie was made right here in the good ole USA. It's a much tighter car then my van and it doesn't rattle like a beer can.

Maybe I'll buy one of these next time I go car shopping.

Go here and click on the "GB" button and then go to the videos section. Very funny.

Drinking with Bob. One of these days, he's gonna pop a blood vessel.

I'm digging the picture on this Alaskan bike blog. Way cool good stuff :-)

Another year-round rider. You go with your own bad self. When it's 35 degrees or under-I don't ride a whole lot.

Another sweet picture from a Colorado blogger. Wow.

This is an awesome article if you hate DRM.

Here's a pic of my 44 pound Surly. Sure it weighs over twice as much as my Cannondale R 500, but think how fast I'll be next spring if I ride it all winter........that's a big "if". I know I've spouted off before about how much I love this bike, but it is a seriously cool bike. And it's blue.

Stuff like this makes me think there is still hope in the world.

This are some wild Christmas lights. I'm glad I don't live next door.

If you haven't made the move to Firefox...........this might help speed up your decision.

There is quite a bit of truth to this. The rest of his blog is a good read as well.

I think I would shit my pants if this happened to me. I've come close to being hit twice, I don't want to be three times lucky.

With that, I'm headin' to bed. It's about 20 degrees outside and I plan to ride if it warms up.

Thanks for reading.

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Lunatic Biker said...

44 pounds, huh. Steel is real. Have a great Thanksgiving brother. How does that go? Cars dont kill people on bikes, soccer moms on cell phones kill people on bikes.