Thursday, November 03, 2005

Stuck on Stupid

I guess I'm not quite up to speed on all the stuff going on at the White House. Bush, Libby, Rove, Cheney, yadda, yadda yadda.

Quite honestly, I don't give a shit because it's all beyond my control. If Bush had any damn brains, he'd grow a set of balls and explain to the American public that he screwed up, clean house and start over with a new staff of advisors but I kinda doubt he's that smart. Here's a clue big guy, get rid of Rove.

Oh, another person has been nominated to the Supreme Court. At least this guy has some experience. I'm not sure I agree with all his views but at least he's been a judge before and he is qualified-so nominate the guy already and lets get on with running the country.

Nearly 100 US service people lost their lives in Iraq in October. Just thought I'd remind ya'll in case you forgot. It doesn't look like we are leaving anytime soon does it?

This kind of stuff pisses me off. Who cares what sexual preference someone is? I know I don't. Did it affect how she did her job? I doubt it and it's not fair to fire her for being gay. I'm not a lawyer, I make donuts for a living but I don't even see how it is legal to do what they did. I'll admit to being prejudicial concerning one thing..........ignorance.

I'm surprised this guy hasn't gotten himself capped yet. He's not one of my favorite broadcasters.

I might be wrong on this, but having to watch something on a 2 1/2 inch screen doesn't seem very appealing to me. I might watch 6 or 7 hours of TV for a whole week-I just don't have the time. If I miss taping a show to watch? Well, that's what bit torrent is for.

I like this wellness program. If they had something like that at where I work, half the employees would have heart attacks. Am I the fittest guy where I work? Nope, but I bet I'm in the top 20% and I am probably at my lowest point in fitness in the 12 months. Not saying much for my fellow associates is it?

I am so amped about being able to ride without back pain, it's gonna take lots of slow steady miles to build back up this winter-I hope it's a mild winter.

"That's why the president has been leading the way." Scariest quote in the whole article.

Think about this. Maybe they could make folks responsible for their actions when they injure peds and cyclists. That would be a start.

I wanna throw up.

Anybody see this? Fall-o-Ween? Gimme a break. Soon they will be taking the "Christ" out of Christmas.......bastards.

I like this guy's blog except for one thing. He's not really very fat, but he is very funny.

This doesn't have anything to do with anything. But it is funny. SFW video on a NSFW website.

You know you're a geek if you own one of these. The inner geek in me is having a case of cold sweats when I look at all those buttons. Do I need something like that? Hell, no-I spend enough time screwing around on the computer.

Play any Sony CD's on your computer lately? DRM has gone too far in my opinion.

Left, Right and Center is available as a podcast and IMHO it's one of the best ones out there discussing the political landscape. Also, Arianna Huffington's blog is a wealth of knowledge. You can never have too much knowledge..................even if you don't always agree with everything you read.

Mike from Banjo Brothers sent me a spiffy logo to put on the front of my site.

So I did.

The guy sent me a messenger bag and a really nice rack bag to try, so it's the least I can do.

Thanks for reading.


Anonymous said...


Someone actually named their kid "April May"?!?!

ne'erdowell said...

Re: discrimination against homosexuals -
Right or wrong (imo very wrong) there is no legal requirement to treat gays as people. There are some local anti-discrimination laws, but nothing from a federal civil rights standpoint. Anyone can deny housing, employment, health services, ... to gays just as they used to for blacks, women, & elderly. Sounds like a good fighting cause for a progressive political party to me.

Ptelea said...

I keep getting the fall o ween link here in the following sentence - what is the correct link?

"I like this guy's blog except for one thing. He's not really very fat, but he is very funny"

Sometimes I think Halloween's days are numbered - hated by some religious folks and by some separation of church and state people. I'm suspicious though because I don't think some of these people would be willing to recognize paganism as a religion. I'm all for the separation of church and state but I think it would be funny to say as an experiment - ok lets not separate church and state but we MUST support ALL religions and I mean ALL. That might be good for a few laughs.

Just started reading your blog - I'm enjoying it.

The Donut Guy said...


Sorry bout that......

Here is the correct link...

Thanks :-)

gwadzilla said...

what are they going to give the kids?
Freedom fries?

who are these freaks?

bush is a chump
and that is not because he looks like a chimp

he flips flops more than kerry

drug addict/born again
thou shalt not kill/send people to iraq

the list could go on

he is leading our country down the tubes

I fear for the future