Saturday, December 10, 2005

The Donut Guy shoots his mouth off some more.....

Here's more info on the second Sony CD DRM fiasco. Evidently, this second type of DRM installs on your computer without you having to do anything as long as you have "autoplay" enabled.

Do I think it's okay for Sony or anyone else for that matter to install software on my computer without my permission?

Nope, it ain't okay.

I haven't bought a CD in a few years, but if I had one of the new ones with DRM on it, I'd be pissed. If you have autoplay enabled on your computer, disable it and get a copy of CD-ex and rip the CD onto your computer. Use the CD for your CD player in your car or home stereo or a drink coaster.

Don't know how to disable autoplay? Just hold down the "shift" key as the CD loads.

Maybe it's just because I hate it when some billion dollar company thinks it knows what's better for me then I do but really dislike DRM.

I haven't commented much on the guy that got shot in Miami earlier this week, unfortunately from everything that has been disclosed so far-the guy pretty much guaranteed his own death when he didn't listen to the federal air marshall and reached for his backpack.

The marshalls don't carry guns to injure people-they carry them to kill people and that's what happened. My opinion is the FAM's made the right call.

After the incident went down though, I think things got a little out of hand. Someone could have easily been shot due to the cops being all amped up. Am I saying the cops did a bad job? Probably not, but maybe they oughta go back and re-think how they handle the aftermath of similar incidents in the future..............

I was looking at this catalog and I'd really like to get about 2 or 3 dozen things from it. On second thought.........better not.

What I'd better do is go get me some sleep.................

Till later.

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