Thursday, December 22, 2005


It's a couple days before Christmas, so I thought it would be a good idea to do some shopping for my wife. Can't really say what we bought her (she reads this from time to time) but me and the kids got her some awesome stuff she didn't know she needed-she'll be surprised.

Going out on a weekday afternoon was a much better idea then trying to fight the crowds last Saturday. I'm one of those people that enjoy the holidays but I don't enjoy all the crowds. Maybe I oughta move to Montana or something. Part of it is me working retail, let's face it-not many folks actually enjoy shopping for groceries.

I had a customer call me up at midnight last night and wanted to know if I could bake him a wedding cake for today. I told him that if he wanted one made out of donuts I could do him one but he might have better luck calling up in the morning and talking to one of our cake decorators.........nothing like waiting until the last minute.

A buddy of mine (thanks Doug) sent me this link, it's a good read-check it out. I saw the Morgan Freeman interview Sunday night, the man has some good ideas but not every one agrees with him.

Gotta love Best Buy. I don't shop there but we have a Circuit City nearby that does the same type of thing. I bought a $15 pair of earbuds there and they asked me if I wanted a service contract on them. Uh, no.

Coming from a guy (me) that owns 3 different iPods's...this is funny.

One of my favorite shows.

This is like crack cocaine for puzzle freaks. I think everyone in our family is addicted now.

All our current political troubles can be traced back to this day in December 1970......think about it. I know my mom is gonna be pissed when she reads this- she's a big fan. Sorry mom :-)

I lost track (my browser crashed and I had 6 or 7 tabs open) of which cycling blog I saw this on, but it's pretty cool.

This is the blog of the day.

Chocolate is good for you. I wonder if the dark chocolate I use on donuts counts..............

See ya round like a donut.


DT said...

You know, Firefox has an extension so if you close a tab or your browser crashes you can easily get those tabs back.

Ptelea said...

I love the iPod Zepto story - where do you find all of this stuff?

The Donut Guy said...

Thanks DT, I have it and it works, I was just too lazy to go back and look for which tab it was on.

Petela- sometimes those funny stories just find me