Sunday, December 11, 2005

Take a hike...but don't bend over.

Got out and took a short hike Sunday afternoon. I have some pics up on my Flickr account. The light wasn't the greatest, they look kinda flat.

At one time the park I was hiking at was known as a place where gay folks went to "cruise". Whatever, it's not my place to judge what other people do, as long as they aren't bending each other over the hood of their cars and going at it like dogs in heat or soliciting hummers in the bathrooms - let them do their thing.

Why do I bring this up?

3 different guys asked me if I needed a ride back to the main parking lot when I was walking back to my van from the rear of the park. They must have been in a "helpful" mood or something..............

Not to change the subject or anything, but what the hell is this all about? Whatever is going on-it ain't right and they goddamn better change it.

Anyone seen the movie "Murderball"? Awesome movie. I'm thinking it would be more interesting to go to the Para Olympics then the "regular" Olympics. I hope America kicks some ass in least in wheelchair rugby anyhow.

I'm really feeling these people's pain. NOT.

Sure, I used to smoke but I quit over 5 years ago because it's a dumbass thing to do to yourself. I really like the "25 foot" rule, I wish they had that here in PA because the smell of cigarette smoke makes me gag. If you wanna smoke, that's cool-just do it in your car or house with all the windows closed.

Smoker's rights? Screw that, how about my rights.

Anytime you either bring Hitler or Jesus into an argument, you automatically lose. Not sure where Jesus would shop if he were alive today, but he'd probably be laughing his ass off at those commercials.

Gary Hart has a good point in this editorial. The comments are just as good.

Worse than Buchanan. Sure, I hammer on Bush from time to time, but I ain't the only one.

Cool wallpapers.

There is a new Coke coming. Could they have picked a more stupid name? Coffee and Coke taste good together? Yuck.

Kids nowadays. When I was younger (and had hair) I don't think I would have wore my hair like that. But then again, I was a teenager back in the late seventies and we had some pretty awful hair and clothing styles back then as well. Remember some of this stuff? I sure do, I remember my parents buying me a pair of shoes designed by Peter Max. They were hideous, but I thought I was one stylin' bad ass 14 year old.

I like this. Makes me wanna go out and glue a coffee cup to my roof. I probably wouldn't use a 5 dollar cup of coffee from Starbucks though..........

Foreign policy Condi style. Yeah, I'm just poking fun. Too bad she isn't the President-she's a helluva lot smarter then her boss.

I love Sam's. My wife and I try and stay out of there as much as possible. Well, let me correct that..................she trys to keep me out of Sam's as much as possible.

I like to buy stuff.

I just bought an adapter so my iPod will play through the FM radio in my van, an extra battery to recharge the iPod and a set of noise cancelling headphones. All for the low price of 60 bucks. I guess I'm a gadget freak.

I brought home some more sick computers from my sister-in-laws house. She's pretty smart concerning computers but she was having trouble with a fried wireless card. I fixed her up temporarily with a USB wireless thingie I had laying around so she has internet access to work from home. God knows what my 15 year old nephew has done to his computer to not make it oughta be a challenge to see if I can fix it.

Till later, thanks for reading.

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The Old Bag said...

Murderball -- EXCELLENT movie!