Monday, December 26, 2005

My aching back............

One thing I forgot to mention on my post yesterday was how much my back was killing me most of Christmas day. Not sure what I did to it, but whatever was wrong fixed itself overnight. Works for me.

I just have some random stuff I'm gonna slap up here today....................

I saw this bike shop on Tim's website. Check out those Fatbikes. Having something like that would almost be mandatory in Alaska if you rode in the winter.

Doug sent me this link. I have to be honest and say it made me tear up reading it.

I bet you will too.

I never served our country in the military, I have much, much respect for those that have served.

If anyone wants to send me stuff that looks interesting or you think other folks would enjoy reading-put it in the comments section or e-mail it to me.

Doug had commented to me that this blog must take alot of time to do. No, not really. I've always wanted to do something like this as I enjoy reading and the more I write here, the easier it gets.

Not that I hope to be a published author or anything-I just enjoy writing about what I see and read in everyday life. It ain't always P.C. but I try to make it interesting................

I saw this article and tried typing in "Bike Riding Donut Guy" and my site came up #1. Not sure how that Google stuff works but it sure is an easy way to tell someone how to find my blog.

Um, I'm not sure why I'm posting this...............

This video from Norway is pretty cool. It goes through 4 seasons in about a minute.

You're gonna hate me for posting this.

True love. A good read.

A look at how Tom DeLay rolls. I'm sure the guy has some redeeming values but this article doesn't point out any of them. Kinda paints him as a scumbag........not sure if that's fair or not but that's the way our media works most of the time.

One year ago today. I don't mention my religious beliefs a whole lot in this here blog......but God bless those folks that lived through the tsunami. From everything I read, I gather that it's still pretty much hell on Earth for the bulk of the survivors.

Funny we don't hear much from the American media on the tsunami and the relief efforts, sure we didn't have the best year ever here in America with Katrina and whatnot but we had several days warning for each hurricane, the folks over on the other side of the world had less then 15 minutes in some cases. Could you imagine something like that happening here in America?

For all you podcast freaks out there-the BBC has some good podcasts, check'em out here.

Till later..............


Anonymous said...

Hi George,

This might be a good site for you if you want to experience a little bit of the military.

Any Mouse

The Donut Guy said...

Pretty cool. My next door neighbor is an ex fighter pilot- I'm gonna send him the link too.