Friday, December 16, 2005

Nothing like being sick

Being cooped up in the house for the last 2 days has not been a whole lotta fun.

Runny nose, stuffy nose, tired and achy is not how I want to go through this winter. I figured out that out of the past 60 hours-I have been asleep for about 50 of them.

Zip codes are okay, my phone number isn't. I can't believe people voluntarily give strangers their personal information.

22 years ago, this was hot stuff. Imagine where we will be in 22 more years. Probably something like this.

Nice bike light. Seems like a lot of work though.........

Image Hosted by
Saw this pic with the title "Why Men Have Two Hands"

....seems about right to me.

........till later.

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Ptelea said...

I love this picture! I took a similar photo of my older son (circa 1985) holding the remote for our brand new video player - what a revolution - being able to watch movies at home! But I'm sure my son would be grateful that he was fully diapered and in pj's!