Sunday, December 04, 2005

No cat yet..............

Well, our kids couldn't find a cat that was declawed already at the local shelter so I suppose we will have to go back next week.

I've heard that it's hard on the cat to have it de-clawed but if we got a cat with claws and it ripped up our furniture..........Well, that just ain't an option.

Had to cancel out a ride for later today, I have just a touch of sore throat. If I've learned anything in 46 years of life is to listen to what my body is saying and this time it saying"Stay inside and watch TV" There will always be another time. Besides, it's pissing down rain/sleet/snow right now.

Some links.

As usual, some of these are on NSFW websites. If I post a link that is NSFW, I'll try to point that out. The only problem (?) is that I see very few ads on this computer so I can't tell what ads are on some of the pages. I can only imagine..........Maybe I'll post up my arsenal of ad blocking tactics tommorow.

This could be a problem. What worries me more is what George Bush is going to do when it arrives in the USA. Hell, we'll all probably be quarantined.

Anybody need some new wallpapers for their computer? These are kinda neat if you are into astronomy.

Here are more Christmas lights from that guy I posted last week.

Food art. Neat pictures of food.

Wal-Mart hired a new PR firm.

Cycling is the new golf. Good article and I can see how that might work. To be honest, most of your folks in the retail business would die if they attempted a 40 or 50 mile bike ride. Let alone your average baker or pastry chef. It seems that 75% of people where I work smoke and quite a few are also very overweight.

Beer and donuts. Yeah, I've been there before and I don't plan on going back anytime soon. Check out the rest of the commercials on this site, I don't drink very much beer, but I like beer commercials.

I would slap a set of knobbies on this sweetie and go have me a good time...........too many bikes not enough money.

A good read about flavor and smell. I know where I work the smell of donuts draws customers like a moth to a flame. Sometimes food science can be a scary thing.

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Anonymous said...

We have 3 cats, all declawed. The way they still scratch on things makes me glad we did it (I think the scratching thing is a territory marking instinct). Only not good to do with a declawed cat is to let it outside, no defenses against other cats. (and cat fights can be mean!)

I was never a cat person but they are much easier than dogs (we have a dog too). One thing about a cat is that they typically "choose" their human, so just be ready in case your son is not the one chosen :) My wife has 1 cat and my daughter has 2. They tolerate my son and I!


The Old Bag said...

Two cats, all claws, furniture and tower stereo speakers intact. They took to the scratching posts as soon as they were in the house -- I don't think furniture is solid enough for clawing (upholstery has "give" where the posts are wrapped tightly with rope and carpet).

I adopted a declawed cat once and he did the "pretend" scratch on the corners of the furniture, but my clawed cats haven't. They will pull on the carpet now and again, but my berber holds tight.

It may also depend upon whether you have a dominant cat -- I tend to pick little guys who are initially timid. Obviously, they figure out the pecking order, but they don't have the same need to display it all over the house.