Thursday, December 15, 2005

Ugh, I have a cold..........

I felt a cold coming on yesterday and now it's here.
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How exciting.

About the only things that make it bearable are Sudafed and Breathe-Right nasal strips. I can't believe that Sudafed is now a "behind the counter" medication now. Damn methheads ruin it for everybody. They have new Sudafed PE, I think the "PE" stands for "Poor Excuse" as they don't do jackshit for me.

Using those Breathe Right strips rocks when you have a stuffy nose. Sure, they make you look like a goober if you wear one in public (and you know I do) but it beats the heck out of having a stuffed up nose.

Maybe I could use one of these. I could hook it up to a garden hose and I'd be cleaned out in no time.

I think this is gonna be one of those winters where we ain't gonna be seeing a whole lot of dirt. As in it's going to be covered in snow. Global warming my ass. I love to get people all fired up about global warming because everyone has a different opinion.

My opinion? I think Mother Nature is large and in charge and she's gonna do what the hell ever she wants to. When it's time for the next Ice Age or the next warming trend, guess what? It's going to happen whether we like it or not.

If She wants the Mississippi to flow backwards or go down a hole in the Earth never to be seen'll happen and we'll all just stand around with our thumbs up our butts staring at where the river used to be.

On the other things..........

Bike riding, or lack thereof................

Uh, yeah, I have 6 or 7 bikes but I haven't been riding any of them lately. Our local club is planning a "Christmas Lights" ride this Sunday, hopefully the roads will be cleared out and we'll be able to terrorize suburbia on our bikes and check out some cool Christmas lights.

I have to find some jingly bells to tie onto my frame so I make lots of noise because I like to make as much a fool of myself as humanly possible. Because that's how I roll.

Later tater.


hereNT said...

Um, while I agree with you on the 'we're going to have lots of snow' aspect, I think that it can be attributed to global warming. Warmer oceans = more evaporation = more precipitation...

Ptelea said...

If you get a chance, take some pictures of your Christmas lights ride!