Thursday, January 05, 2006

My new diet..............

Actually, it's not a new diet, I'm just going to watch what I eat and cut out some of the junk. Since I just ate 3 corn dogs when I came home from work this morning, ..............the diet will start tomorrow.


It shouldn't be to hard to drop the weight, I am also going to hit the NordicTrack for a half hour each afternoon to start. At one time, I was doing an hour on that thing and then lifting weights for an hour 4 or 5 times a week. I want to spend more time riding as long as it's above 35 or 40 degrees. I really hate exercising inside.

Starting this week, the store where I work at is going to be remodeled. The whole thing is supposed to take nearly a full year, they will be blowing out 3 of the 4 exterior walls and building a second floor to house all the offices and computer equipment.

Our company has 4 types of stores and we are going to be remodeled into one of the "up market" stores. We get a new bakery in a different section of the store, should be good times when they move us as the equipment I am using is 15 years old and all the people I train will now understand how to use the newer computer controlled ovens, proofers and whatnot.

I like to read up on current events and sometimes comment on them, but today all the news seems depressing with fires, explosions, floods, building collapses...........I just have to comment on Jack Abramoff though.....

I'm not the smartest guy in the world, but I'm smarter then most of those retards in Washington. I'm laughing my ass off at the stupidity of our Congressmen and Senators.

What do they think? .......If they give the money back, that it means that they never took it?

That's like stealing something and then offering to pay for it after you get caught. Is that supposed to mean anything?

I don't think everyone in Washington are slime but it sure is hard to find anything positive out of this whole mess.

I'm not voting for anyone that is currently in office this November. I think the whole lot of them need changed out. Sure, some of the folks that are in Washington are doing a great job, but too damn bad for them-the rest of the assholes there make everyone look like crooks.

Here is a new and exciting way to die.......just lovely.

This thing works pretty good. It found my favorite album....
Image Hosted by
It's hard to believe it's been almost 40 years since this was released.

Get stumped or a particular Sodoku puzzle is pissing you off? Here's your answer.

Somebody ought to buy this snake for Bill. You thought I was gonna say G. W. , didn't you? He's already got a few......

Thanks to all the folks that left comments, links and offers of help on my project to convert an old computer over to Linux. I'm gonna read up a good bit before I dive in, I'm one of those guys that reads all the instructions for stuff I buy before I play with it. It should be fun!

Our local cycling club (of which I am a founding member) is having a ride at Michaux State Forest in a couple weeks, if I can find someone that knows the place to lead a slower group of riders (that would include me) I am going to go and hopefully take some pictures of the place. It's really nice.

Up until I hurt my back 2 summers ago, I was one of those "faster" riders, maybe I'll work myself back up to it this year......I'll be happy if I can at least keep up with the tail end of the "advanced" pack......

It's always funny when our club does social rides, 90% of the time they turn into hammerfests. Get a couple of guys that hate to be beat up a climb together to ride and it turns into a race instead of a ride.


I'm too old for that shit, I just hang out at the back of the pack and crack jokes and breathe heavy.

I'm an avid Firefox user, I downloaded and installed this utility for Firefox yesterday and it really seems to have sped up things. Maybe it's just my imagination, but pages seems to load instantly now.

After 25 years of my father combing a couple of spare hairs up over his bald head-he finally got a decent haircut. Now he doesn't look like trailer trash. I can't say much, I'm not far behind.

I'm looking forward to this spring, I'm gonna drag his ass out of the house a couple evenings a week and we are gonna ride our bikes around and have some fun. Hell yeah.

I really enjoyed reading Cycledog's latest blog entry. My addiction? Iced tea. I put up with the bottled stuff 99% of the time but nothing beats fresh brewed ice tea. Except sex. And a couple other things that aren't legal.

Last link for today.........I officially have the sluttiest bike blog in bloggerdom. Woo hoo.

Thanks for reading.


Yokota Fritz said...

Tanya beat you out on sluttiest blog, man. Crazybikerchick ranks 32%! Sorry, you lose, the girl wins unless she tests negative for drug use.

The Donut Guy said...

Aw man:-)

That's cool, Tanya has a better blog then me anyways..........

Ptelea said...


I don't really diet either but rather cut back on junk food and snacking while increasing exercise. One thing that helps is to not allow myself to give up if I screw up for a day or two or three - just keep at it!