Friday, January 06, 2006

Reading and stuff.........

Now you can browse my site at work and not get fired. If you do get fired, don't blame me.

Somebody is probably gonna hammer me for being insensitive, but DAMN-if you are so fat you need a hoist to get out of bed-it might be time to go on a diet.

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Maybe this is why my wife won't let me help with the laundry. For the few short months I was a batchleor when I did laundry........there was "white stuff" and "everything else".

One guy I really respect and one guy I have no respect for. Guess which one I respect..... here's a hint-it ain't Bill O'Reilly. Maybe I could take the guy if he wasn't so damn rude to his guests on his TV show. If I wanna see conflict on TV-I'll watch professional wrestling.

Windows Vista. At least the web site looks nice and shiny. Funny how IE 7 has "new" features I've been using in Firefox for the last couple years. From what I've read, don't even think about installing this on a box without at least 1 gig of RAM.

This is gonna be a fun site to play around with.

Instead of having 3 corn dogs for a meal when I came home from work today, I had cereal. I was feeling pretty damn good about myself until I realized that I was eating about 4 or 5 serving sizes of Shredded Wheat.

Two problems with that, first problem is that it was about 900 calories and the second problem is that I don't think it was a very bright idea to eat all that much fiber at one time................ if you know what I mean.

Found some like minded folks to ride with next weekend at Michaux Forest, good times are gonna be had. When I first started back up riding 10 years ago, I did about 90% of my rides solo, it's way more fun to do rides with people. Doing a long ride by myself is okay from time to time just to clear out my head, but it's more fun with a little company.

Just bought the book "A Crack In The Edge Of The World" in this format. It was kind of expensive, but I had gift cards from Christmas to use. It wasn't something I would normally spend that much money on. I've gotten through the intro and the first chapter- I really like it so far.

If I could, I would read 24/7. My wife is the same and I think both of our kids have inherited the reading gene. I can remember when our daughter was little, we would spend hours in the bookstore. Good times for sure. Our son just bought 4 books yesterday........I've always told our kids that there's always money for books............

Jeez, I sure wish Pat Robertson lived in a different country. What an asshole.

Till later.


Anonymous said...

Your link to as a way to surf at work was interesting and for what its worth, it works.

Type in and you will find your current IP address and carrier.

Go to Virtual first and type that in and you can see that your IP address and carrier are both different.

Thanks for the tip...

Ptelea said...

It can be depressing when you start looking at serving sizes. We are definitely used to eating very large servings.