Wednesday, July 09, 2014

So it's been a few years........

Where do I start? I think the last time I did an entry to this blog I was an overnight baker at the same supermarket chain I've been at since 1976.

After our son graduated from high school 3 years ago....I decided I wanted to get off of night-work and back into management. I was a bakery manager before our kids (now ages 20 and 26) started grade school.

I applied for an asst. bakery mgr position at another store- I aced out 6 or 7 other candidates and got the job.

Unfortunately, I got the opportunity to work for the companies worst bakery manager.

Let's just say I learned how to work with a manic-depressive woman going through menopause for about 18 months until a manager position opened up and I've been a bakery manager for the past year or so.

Retail management ain't for everyone........sometimes you have to be nice to someone when you really would like to be not be nice to them-and there is always the ever present stress to turn a certain percentage of profit.

Anyways......lots of stuff I plan to write about.

 If you were a past reader of this blog, some of the stuff I write about could possibly piss you off.......too bad-it's my blog :-)


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Anonymous said...

Good to have you back!