Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Hell yes, I'm smart.

I was riding the other day with a guy that loves to talk. I mean the dude talks 24/7.....He never shuts the hell up.


I'm not sure how he got on the subject of IQ but some people think that when they are smart, they are almost always obligated to share that information with everyone in earshot. After awhile he told me this his IQ was 138. And then asked me if I thought that was good and was I ever tested for my IQ. I replied that 138 was good and my IQ was somewhat higher then that.

I shoulda just said I didn't know what my IQ was because he wouldn't stop after that. I'm bringing my IPod with me next time he shows up for a ride.

It's about time. Arkansas can't be far behind. If you're reading this and you are from West By-God Virginia and you're offended.........I'm sorry. No, that's a lie. I guess I'm not really sorry..............sorry for not being sorry.

Just in case anyone forgot. ........."Mission Accomplished" my ass.

I wonder if golfers get a hard-on for golf equipment like I do when I see new bikes and bike candy.

I think golfers and bikers have some things in common. We both wear some extremely gay looking clothing when we are out doing our sport that can't be worn anywhere else but the golf course or riding a bike.

Ever see a golfer wearing those funny looking pants and brightly colored shirts when they are not at a golf course? Hell, no you don't-because they look fucking stupid.

Same thing goes for cyclists. I have a couple pairs of those spandex cycling shorts, but I usually only wear them when I am doing long bike rides.....other then that-I stick to the baggy style of bike shorts.

I have to go to my LBS soon to buy some tickets for a raffle and everytime I go there I'm like a junkie that needs to shoot up. Lord help me if I ever come into a shitload of money.

I did meet up with a couple buddies on Wednesday night that I haven't seen all winter, they had lost a shitload of weight. Good for them-bad for me. I always like it at the start of a social ride when everybody says how much they suck or how slow they are due to not riding, injury or whatever.

As soon as the ride starts......BOOM-they are off the front and you don't see them until the ride is over and everybody is back in the parking lot. I believe in truth-in-advertising. You'll never hear me say I suck and then blow everybody's doors off because when I say I suck........... I really mean it.

Till later.............


Pete LaVerghetta said...

I always like it at the start of a social ride when everybody says how much they suck or how slow they are due to not riding, injury or whatever.

Sandbaggers! We call that 'lowering expectations.' I always say, hey, I only have one gear and I can't coast, that's why I suck...

The Donut Guy said...

This past winter I did a group ride and some guy I never met did the ride with a fixie with full fenders and racks-the dude flat out rocked everybodies world.

Anybody I've ever met riding a fixie has always had the skills to pay the bills.