Friday, April 22, 2005

Use the pink smoke next time.............

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I was listening to the Catholic Insider last night when Father Roderick(the host of the podcast) was at the Vatican right before they elected the new Pope. Everyone was having a hard time telling what was white smoke or black smoke.

I thought maybe next time they elect a Pope-they use pink smoke when the elect the next Pope and green smoke when they can't make their minds up. Or maybe they could use a flare gun............or not.

One thing I have discovered since I've been listening to podcasts is that commercial radio sucks.

Nice. They still suck.

I haven't seen this show for quite awhile. Gosh, it would be a shame if it was rigged, huh? Add sarcasm here.

The American Meat Intsitute is pissed. I'm kinda worried because I love hot dogs.

This is today's "Oh That's Just Nasty" link...........

Sure, the Pope really gives a shit what the Baptists think.

Looks like a crack to me. I guess I shouldn't worry about needing any warm clothing when I die, huh?

This commercial is awesome. I suppose that's why sneakers are so damn expensive.

If I was this kid, I'd be scared shitless. I'd also give the computer back.

You might be a redneck if.............

This dog can kick your ass. Wow, that sure is one focused dog. Sure hate to run into that dog unleashed when I'm out mountain biking.

Till later..........

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Anonymous said...

Mmmmmm, hot dogs.