Saturday, February 05, 2005

Bad weather............

Had a spot of icy weather last night. One thing I really dislike is sharing the road with other drivers that are petrified of driving in bad weather. I followed someone going 3 mph for a few minutes until I could safely pass them- then they layed on the horn like I was forcing them off the road or something. Asshole.

Then shortly afterwards, I spent 10 minutes behind someone that was stopped at the top of a hill because they were afriad of going down it. I felt bad for them , but I passed'em anyways because at that point-my 5 minute commute to work was a 55 minute commute and I was already late.

I drive my wife's Subaru Outback when the weather's bad-it's a great winter car so I suppose I have an advantage.

Gun control? This is gun control.

Search engine for hip people. Go ahead, type something in.

Gotta know html to get this one.

This guy is in shape.

Finally, farts that smell good.

A movie that I plan to see. I love Adam Sandler and Chris Rock.

Whoops. Looks like Culpepper isn't an asshole. My bad.

This is a pretty neat story. I'm extremely happily married but if I had the dog I had when I was a kid now and dated- I wouldn't have many dates. My childhood dog humped anything that moved and some things that didn't.

That's close. I'm not sure how they can figure that out so many years in advance. Sure hope they used some good data.

As a parent of a 17 year old- I like this idea. When I was a kid, my old man already had a law similar to the one discussed in the article. He was ahead of his time.

This can't be for real. Could you imagine working in the ER when they came in? You have an electric toothbrush where? ...................I'd have a problem keeping a straight face.

Riced out toilet. At least he coulda cleaned it before taking pics.........

I know my buddy Ed over at Keystonebiking tests lots of products, maybe someone can send me a pair of these to test out. Check out the price!

Till later.........gonna go for a ridey ride today if it's at least 35 degres. I'm jonesing.

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