Thursday, February 03, 2005

The president said what?

First off, I have to admit that I didn't listen to the whole speech. Bush may do some things well, but public speaking isn't one of them. It's almost painful to listen to him for any length of time. I browsed a few news articles and from what I gather, here is the main part of his speech...................

-Stay the course in Iraq and continue with making the country a democracy................Sounds like a pretty good plan, but exactly how many Middle Eastern countries are democracys? Personnally, I thought we oughta get them up and running and leave in a big ole hurry before everthing goes to shit again.

Social Security reform..........I read a couple articles about what he said and I sure hope his plan gets blown out of the water. You'll have to register to read this article but it explains it best. The whole plan sounds half-baked and full of holes. What do I know? I make donuts for a living. I'm an expert at holes.

Just a couple random thoughts.................

I can't really name the company I work for but I bought lunch from our deli last night. Got something called "Texas Tuna" evidently, anytime our deli uses the word "Texas" in something they open up every can of spice they have and put them all into whatever they are making.

They just oughta call their Texas Tuna...... "This is gonna burn your ass in 5 hours Tuna" Wow.

I probably don't have many female readers (that's a big shocker, huh?) but why does any woman over the age of 55 or so seem to carry around a purse bigger then a shopping bag? What the hell do they keep in there? A canned ham? I carry a wallet, some change and a set of keys. Don't need any tissues, if I have a runny nose, I just pinch one nostril and blow out the open one. Problem solved.

Why do they sell single rolls of toilet paper? Are they for people afraid to commit to a whole package? You know you're gonna need it, just step up to the plate and buy the 8 pack.

I had someone pull out in front of me at an intersection the other morning. This guy was driving a black Porsche 911 and as he cut in front of me-I layed on the horn. Yeah, I know, it's really childish of me but I couldn't help it. Here's the thing though, as I was giving him some horn-he looked right at me and gave me the finger. Normally, I'd give it right back but as he was busy looking at me-the van in front of him braked to turn in a driveway................crunch.......minor rear ender. Sometimes things happen for a reason.

This should be banned. What a waste of money.

I think they should just ban the damn things while driving.

Anybody wanna see one smart parrot?

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Say what?

Nice. What an asshole. Like he doesn't have enough money to buy another.

What a shot.

Weird. This is just really odd.

This Cannondale is a touch more expensive then my Cannondale road bike. Sure is pretty.

Till later......

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