Monday, February 07, 2005

Tuesday is "Fashnacht" day...............

Everybody know what fashnachts are? They are really greasy donuts made with potato flour and extra spices. I'll be making about 300 dozen of them where I work Monday night and by the time I am done..................
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............I'll be glad to never see one again until next year.

Everybody watch the Super Bowl? Pretty darn good game this year, my wife and I always enjoy the adverts more then the game but this one went down to the wire more then most games. Sir Paul was awesome in the half-time show and he didn't get his boobies out........ I think they should just invite him back every year, how can you top him?

Speaking of frying things........I fryed our daughter's MP3 player. Not sure what I did to it but when I tried to update it- it ceased to function. Whoops. The new one I bought her works better anyways...........

Did get out for a quick ride on Saturday- never got out on Sunday. I took my chopper down to a friend's house for him to check out. I am going to take pictures of everybody that rides it this year and put them online. Damn, that's a fun bike.

Heading out for a Monday AM ride with my buddy Hank-I'm gonna feel the pain.

Good read on Windows. For the most part-the guy is right, Windows is a crappy OS but that's what has most of the programs that our kids use-so that's what we have.

I'd say Museeuw is guilty as hell.

This is a pretty sweet frame. It could be made outta cow dung for all I know- I really like the color.

We went to the movies Saturday night. Saw "Meet the Fockers"....... It's a pretty good movie. I always enjoy watching Dustin Hoffman. I held off on the 4 dollar soda and 5 dollar bucket of popcorn. Wow, that shit is expensive.

Ever see kids play this game at the mall? It's really neat to see the kids lose some weight. Maybe I should get one. It sure it would be fun to watch some middle aged fat white guy (me) try to dance.

See the new Golf viral ad here. Way cool how they did that remix of Fred.

What's wrong with this? .......................My uncle was a sniper in Vietnam.

Shit my pants for a '95 Taurus? I think not.

WTF was the guy gonna do with 3.6 million nickels?

Gun control link of the day. Man, that's a lot of bullets.

You know what's gonna happen. The guy says the "F" word at the end of the video. Do ya blame him?

Here's a car in my budget, here's one that isn't. Speaking about cars.........I wonder if this is going to be the next big thing for hackers. Unreal. I'm gonna get me a 67 GTO and be immune.

Extreme kite flying.

Ann Coulter is a moron.

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Flintstones bike.

I don't think this was a very good idea.

I tried this. Not sure why it worked but it did. I'm a tool.

Till later........probably not gonna post for a couple days-
too busy with work :-(

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