Friday, February 18, 2005

New Links.............

I slapped up some more links to some cycling related blogs, check out the links section on your right. Or not, if that's not your bag. Whatev.

Looking forward to trailwork with the YAMBA crew on Saturday. If ya is bored Saturday and wanna do something useful- Get on down to Lake Redman Saturday. More info on the YAMBA site.

I'm not a real big Oprah fan but last week- she helped sell a whole metric buttload of yellow bracelets. Good stuff.

As least the guy died with a full stomach. Burn in hell, pal.

I work with a guy that has a mild case of this.

Some of the videos on this site are funny, but they sure ain't P.C. The guy in the videos swears alot and drops the F-Bomb about a bazillion times. As if you didn't know, my favorite one is him at the drive thru. The site isn't safe for work, small pets or houseplants.

North Korea has something far worse then nuclear weapons.

This link makes me go..................yuck.

Are your kids hackers.........or just lame?

OMG!!! I think this guy oughta win a medal.

Some of these are corny, some are old and some are pretty darn funny.

Need a job?

Where's the damn ball?

Here's a neat trick. Go to Google Maps and type in "Joke in Washington Dc" Hey, don't blame me, I didn't write the software.

You'll spend some time on this site. This guy never wrote before in his life, I'd say he's doing a damn fine job so far. Start at the beginning of his blog and read forward, it's a good read.

What's up with shampoo? How come there are 1000's of different varieties? Check this one out. There's all kind of shit in there. My hair might be a 1/4 inch long, I hit it with the same bar soap I use on the rest of my body and I'm good to go.

Make a living being a gambler.

Till later .................

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