Thursday, February 24, 2005

The next "Big Thing"...............

Low carb, low sugar, yadda,yadda........ The next "Big Thing" is gonna be Flaxseed Oil. You read it here first.

I read a lot of "trade magazines" and they are all putting flaxseed oil out there as the next "heart healthy" marketing binge. Of course Americans are fatter then ever and as I'm writing this...............I'm eating chocolate chip cookies, so what the hell do I know..........

I do know that I really, really wanna get back out there and start putting some miles in. Road, rail trail, or off-road, I really don't give a shit-I haven't spent much time riding this winter and I have the gut to show for it. I have absolutely no desire to cut back on what I eat, so it looks like I better start ramping up the physical
activity before I look like
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...........Jabba the Hut

I buy most of my bike stuff from my LBS but once and awhile some of the mail order houses have some screaming deals. I saw this jacket for 17 bucks and these tires are a damn good deal. I ran these tires a couple of years ago and really liked them.

The weather forecast for central Pa. is for 4 to 6 inches of snow today.
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This winter stuff is getting old in a hurry.

Me go to "questionable" websites? Nah. Whatever, just don't be a dumbass and open any attachments.

I need to slap one of these on my minivan. Flames and a set of these.......oh yeah, baby.

I like this knife holder.

This dude watched too many car commercials. He makes lots of expensive crunching noises.

I think I have posted this before. It's still damn freaky.

Tennis anybody? Screw that, I'm afraid of heights.

I'm not allowed to get one of these. Geez, I only have 5 bikes.......what's one more?

Here's a damn good website explaining why it's smart to buy your bike from a bike shop and NOT a department store. Read up if you are new to cycling.

If you're a motorhead like me, you will totally dig this clip. Hans Stuck driving one lap of the 'Ring. I turned up the sub woofer on this one and watched it. Twice. The site hosting the clip might not be safe for work though.........

Till later.............


Pete LaVerghetta said...

Flaxseed is the next big thing! We have been buying whole seeds, grinding them just before use, and adding them to things like oatmeal and muffins.

SC said...

Hey George...

Thanks for the link (I'll put one up on my blog for you)... great blog, really enjoying it!!

BTW, Flaxseed might be the 'next' big thing but nothing will ever replace a nice slab of butter and a half cup of rendered pork fat. It's ALL about Flava.

Yeah baby!!

-SC (Large Fella on a Bike)

Anonymous said...

i love that hotel (the Burj Al Arab) i want to go there.....i gotta get rich first...

Anonymous said...

oh, and, yes i'm being anal but your "jabba the hut" needs another "t" (=jabba the hutt)