Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Couple thoughts............

Couple thoughts about this link.......... I'm sitting here reading it eating chocolate covered raisins and the guy described in the article is probably gonna get hit by a bus someday.

Some folks like Star Wars and some folks take it way too seriously.

This was a popular show, I never saw an episode. Not a real big Seinfeld fan.

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George cuts the cheese. He also has his head up his ass........
It isn't the first time.

Funny. But not that funny.

Wal-Mart has an unprofitable store? Nah, don't believe it for a minute.

I can hardly wait to have all the meat ripped from my bones.

Lots of things piss me off about the current administration, the fact the Hubble is gonna die and not be replaced is a crime.

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You gotta be kiddin' me.
I hope Lisa said "Get a life, dweeb"

This rider is (IMHO) just plain weird.

Just don't hit anything head on.

Ever hear of "overclocking" ? Here's an extreme example.

I don't think I'll want to blow my nose with this stuff.

I'm all for "One less car" but this is way, WAY to much information. I do lots of crazy stuff, but one thing I'll never do is get naked, paint up my fat ass and go ride my bike. Count on that.

Brave kid. I like the part about the stone.

You know what would be a cool joke to play on these pranksters? Bulldoze their house before they get back from vacation and sod over the spot where the house used to be. Yeah, that'll teach'em.

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Funny picture about a serious matter.

This video will shock you.

Biking videos. Not the usual stuff.

I need to get a set of these for my chopper. On second thought, maybe not.

Till later..........................

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