Saturday, February 26, 2005

Interesting catalog..............

Got a catalog in the mail yesterday.............................

It seems to be a catalog marketed to mostly "senior citizen" type of people as most of the items are incontinence pads , toilet bowl extenders etc.... At the very end of the catalog are little ads for this kinda stuff.

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Do ya really think her neck is sore?
A 12 inch neck massager? Riiiight.

This is my favorite item, ain't no way in hell I'm sticking Big Jim in this thing and seeing what pops up. Yikes.

How'd ya like to date someone that wears one of these and find out later what she actually looks like. It's kind of like a sausage casing for a human. The fact that they sell it in a XXL size is very scary.

If your grandpop has a sudden interest in yoga, I bet he bought this tape.

Maybe it's just me, but all I see are a bunch of old fat guys with white beards.

Somebody needs some Paxil.

I wonder if this stuff would work on my forehead.

What a nasty way to die. Darwin's Theory of Evolution wins again. The guy shoulda known better.

Senior citizens already suck at driving, this is gonna make it worse.

This is very cool.

Sorry, no cycling related stuff today, It's 8 fa-reakin degrees outside-the last thing I'm thinkin' about is riding my bike.

Till later...........


Anonymous said...

"Big Jim"? I think that is wayyyyyy too much information :)


Anonymous said...

I suppose it's worth mentioning that Kenny Rogers is an old fat guy with a white beard. Not to be mistaken for Santa Claus though. I saw a Kenny concert a few years back. The tickets were $45 each but some friends and I got in free because of our "connections". It was the worst piece of crap I've ever seen disguised as a concert. When he sung his classic songs, he'd usually just do the first verse and a chorus before moving onto some shit from his new album. And he spent a good deal of time handing out 10-dollar bills to fans in the front row - probably to keep them from rushing the stage and kicking his ass. Even though I got in free, I still felt ripped off.