Friday, February 11, 2005

I have nothing to say........

I have nothing to say..............................

I've helped at over 2 dozen grand openings for the company I work for. I've never heard of anything like this. Of course, I don't work for IKEA either.

Hey, this is what my dog used to be like.

This should make the plumbers happy.

They'll laugh about this when they get older. If they both live that long.

Become an organ donor.

No way. Look what George Foreman started.........

Who said reading my blog is a waste of time? This is a cool website. Go to the "gallery" section for really interesting pictures.

How not to crest a hill.

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Cool website to find out how popular your name is.

This is a neat little article about being middle-aged bike rider. I don't see me strapping on pads and a full-face helmet anytime soon though. Crashing hurts like hell.

Till later..............


ultramagnetic_commuter said...

We British are normally far more restrained (ref the IKEA story). That's a rough old part of town!

The Donut Guy said...

I saw that and I kinda figured that they must have been offering some killer deals to get that many folks there.

My wife and I visited the nearest one to us last year in Baltimore and have a blast looking at everything.

After it calms down some-go shopping and have the swedish meatballs for lunch-they're really good!