Thursday, February 10, 2005

Dress code for fat people............

Okay, before you hunt me down and sit on me-let me clarify my position on overweight people. Ideally, I'd like to see everybody maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle but hey-fat happens. I'm not the skinnest guy in the world.

If you're fat-I'm not gonna make fun of you because of your weight. That would be extremely unkind, however.....................

I do feel totally okay commenting on how people ( just not fat people) dress when they go out in public.......................If you disagree with me-rip my face off in the comments section.

If you're extremely overweight, don't........

-Wear the same clothes you wore when you were skinnier......... If you're a guy, nobody wants to see the lower 6 inches of your hairy stomach. If you're a woman-belly shirts are not sexy when you weigh 250 pounds.

-Don't wear shoes with laces. Hey, if you can't bend over to tie them-do us all a favor and wear loafers....... If you trip on your untied shoelaces-save yourself some embarrassment when 3 people need to help you back up. By the way-this really happened where I work and I felt terrible for the lady that it happened to.

-Do not, I repeat- do not buy all of your clothes from the bargain bin at K-Mart. If you are a little pudgy-so what? God still loves ya the same-but spend some money on nice clothes and maybe a tailored suit or two.

-This one might sound unfair well groomed. A skinny smelly unshaven person is kinda disgusting but a fat unshaven, dirty smelly person seems worse.

Enough bagging on "big" people........

This is some more common sense stuff............

Wear underwear. If you are a guy-nothing is more disgusting to see than some guy with his gym shorts stuffed up his ass crack . If you're a girl- well, I guess it's okay, unless you're my daughter.

Pajamas. What the hell is up with that? PJ's are for lounging around your house or sleeping. You look like a fashion victim when you are out in public wearing your underwear. Stop it.

Appropriate clothing for the season.......... This one is mostly for guys. If it's 7 degrees out- wear a coat. I see guys out and about wearing shorts,a t-shirt and sandals in the middle of winter. You're not cool-you're a dumbass.

Sunglasses........ If you're inside, take your shades off........unless you're Stevie Wonder.

Cellphones.......... Nobody gives a shit how you and all of your friends are doing-shut up already. If you have a handsfree cell and you walk around talking to people- you look incredibly stupid.

Now that I've vented for the day.....................

Ya'll see this? Wow, that'll save them from going down the toilet.

Google maps. Cool.

This is fun if ya like to shoot stuff. Not safe for work because it will sound like you are shooting stuff in your cubicle.

Chemistry you won't learn in school.

On disadvantage I see with this product is that it would suck if the driver took off while someone was using it.

A college education is no garantee that you'll turn out smart.

I love this person's name.

This is a great idea. Give them jobs patching potholes to earn the money.

Wow. These guys are pissed. Quite a few "F-bombs" in this link. If the "F" word offends you-skip this link.

If you're gonna show off.........have the skills to pay the bills.

Say what?

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Picture just about says it all.

Till later............

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