Saturday, April 22, 2006

Allergy season is here........

I woke up Saturday and thought for sure I was getting sick, my throat was closed up big time. After taking some allergy meds, I was uptight and outtasight. What I thought was a sore throat is merely my allergies kicking my ass. It's that time of the year.....

I'm all better now.

I was at the drugstore the other day to buy some Sudafed, what a pain in the ass. I had to give them I.D. and fill out a logbook. I told them I want as much Sudafed as is legal because of the inconvenience. Our daughter and I both take it, so I'll probably end up having to buy it in several places and eventually I'll end up on a "drug addict" list on some FBI file.

Let's face it, meth addicts usually look like this...........

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I'm not quite that skinny.

Sure, it's not fair to "profile" meth addicts, so we all have to be inconvenienced. That's the price of living in a "free" country. I just can't figure out the attraction of a drug that makes your teeth fall out, ruins your health and and makes you look real ugly........and as a side benefit, it makes you stupid and broke. I just wish they didn't need Sudafed to make it.

On to a few links..............

Today's "Poor judgment and insight" link. Damn.

I love this guy's picture.

No accidents. That wouldn't happen in America. Some SUV driving soccer parent would mow down sometime in short order. Our son and I almost got creamed going to Home Depot on Sunday by some guy talking on his cell phone. He drove right through a stop sign and directly into my path.

Got crappy credit? Go here for furniture. Or not.

Probably took them a whole week to put this clip together.

This makes me proud to live in Rick Santorum's state. I can't believe I once voted for that asshole.

Stihl chainsaws are the best.

Parody of that Honda commercial.

I wasn't there, but from the way the article reads, this asshole did a good job of tearing up a trail with his entourage. It must be fun riding a mountain bike for solitude and have 20 people, a couple of SUV's and a helicopter follow you. I like the fact that he insists on being in front all the time. What a tool.

I brake for cake.

I beat Tiger Woods.

Took a hike down at Kain Park Sunday afternoon to check out the latest logging.......

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Click to make biggerer.

So far it's not nearly as bad as the Water St. logging but it's done on a hillside that drains right into the wetlands next to the lake. Not sure how all the stuff works but the hillside where they logged is super muddy and the water in the lake was very muddy as well. Not sure if the water was muddy because of the recent rain or runoff but a good bit of Lake Redman was brown.

Here are some more pictures of our hike. They logged right up to the trail and stopped which was nice, the trail now has a view of the surrounding countryside it never had before.

I had a few comments on my previous post from someone that rides the Lakes and I'd like to address some of those in my comments.....

-I am totally guilty of shopping at Wal-Mart. Yes, I will continue to shop there. I'm not going to spend 400 bucks on an American made lawn mower to mow my 1/5 acre of suburban lawn when I can spend 1/4 of the money and still get my grass cut. I'll also buy other stuff there as well, sure I don't agree with all of their policies, but we have 2 kids to send to college and every penny counts.

-Did we piss off the York Water Company when Hank and I talked to a reporter? I'm sure we did. My only regret is mentioning YAMBA when we talked to them, it was a mistake to include them in our conversation and I've apologized to Skip on the phone for including his organization on our dialogue with the York Daily Record. Not much I can do about that now, but if I had to do it over again, I sure as heck would not have mentioned YAMBA.

-Wear sun screen when I'm riding at Kain Park? You're kiddin', right? Of course, I've come to the realization the Kain Park is first and foremost a working forest and a county park is secondary as it's purpose. I'm not very happy about that, but other then going to the media about it, there isn't a whole lot I can do about it. Fortunately, YAMBA is around to cut more trails into whatever's left after the loggers leave every year.

-Why am I not as pissed at the oil companies as I am at York Water? Good question, I guess if an oil company owned Kain Park and was doing the same thing the the current owners are doing.......I'd be pissed at them as well. So I suppose I am guilty as charged. You're right, "Big Oil" does much worse things to the environment, but since they aren't around here with thumper trucks and oil refineries.....I'm don't complain. Maybe I should. Thank you for pointing that out and your other comments............

Darfur. Go here for some info and links to what's going on in the Sudan. It's not right and yet we hear very little about it in the American media. No, we get bullshit like this to read.

Good read about the latest G7 Finance Ministers' talks this past weekend.

A good read about "Forest Activism". I read lots of stuff online (no paper) but I also love getting bike catalogs and read tons of magazines (lots of paper), so I am conflicted about this. Sure, I bitch about the recent logging in Kain Park, but as I am realizing, it's main focus is a working forest and not a county park. Damn shame.

Dump Cheney. This article makes too much sense for it to actually happen. After all Cheney is one of the hardest working guys in Washington.

Sure, George Bush has to address the rising price of oil, but he's not really saying anything, just blowing more smoke up our asses...........the 400 million dollar retirement package Exxon paid to Lee Raymond says to me that "Big Oil" has more money then common sense.

Good article about CFL's. We are in the process of replacing our light bulbs with these as they burn out. They cost more at first, but it's nice to not have to replace light bulbs constantly.

My idea of a good movie. The only bike related link in this entire post.

I saved this for last today.....
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The Invisible children. It's hard to think about atrocities like this and others going on in this world while I am fat, dumb and happy here in America.
Buy the bracelet. It's only 20 bucks, you can afford it.

Till later.

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