Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Yard work extravaganza 2006

I've been putting it off for the past several weeks but it's finally time. Time to rake up last years leaves and bag up 9 million dead tree branches and trim some shrubbery.

One bright spot, my mower started up on the first pull after storing it uncovered all winter. It's hard to beat the quality of those $99 Wal-Mart lawn mowers, this is it's 5th year so it's cost me 20 bucks a year.............maybe I should change the oil this year.

This guy keeps getting stranger and stranger. I was planning to see Mission Impossible III but I'd have a hard time sitting through it imagining Tom doing some of the strange stuff he does.

I only have one traffic signal on the way to work but this could come in handy for folks that have a long city commute. Just don't get caught, I don't think it's legal.

It's a shame that some good Republicans are gonna get voted out of office this fall, but if Bush had a higher then room temperature IQ and wasn't so damn arrogant-the country wouldn't be fighting a war that we'll never win. All I know is that whoever I vote for in November...I won't be voting for any Republicans.

Cool optical illusions.

Today's "dumbass of the day".

Unnecessary Censorship part 13.....

I like these 2 ads from Volkswagen. Safe Happens. That's a pretty cool advertising campaign. It's kind of like the one that Firestone did a few years ago right after the Ford Explorer debacle. They had Mario Andretti stand on the 4th corner at Indy talking about the safety of Firestone tires and just as he finishes speaking, an Indy car driven by his son comes by at about 200mph and drives by him with a few feet to spare.......the ads stick in your mind.

This dudes kinda being a tightass. I've been dealing with a few of them lately........NSFW due to the F-bomb being dropped a few times.....

I might be wrong about Rumsfeld resigning. It's because of the difference between involvement and commitment. When you have a ham and egg breakfast, the chicken is involved, but the pig is committed. George Bush is committed to Rumsfeld.

Gas is 3 bucks a gallon again. Looks like it's going to go up even more. I'm so glad I don't own one of those huge v-8 powered SUV's. My mini-van gets close to 20 mpg. That's not that great but I only drive it 5 to 6,000 miles a year, unlike this guy who spends way more time commuting then I do.

"I'm the decider and I decide what's best" George Bush sounds like my dad talking to me when I was about 8 years old.

My lovely wife caught the edge of a curb with her car and got a flat, but it coulda been way worse because she didn't damage the wheel. I'm sure one of the fancy alloy wheels on her Outback costs a few hunderd bucks....

I was sleeping when she did it so my dad came to her rescue. Worked out okay because my pop works for a large tire wholesaler and can get her fixed up in no time. Sometimes things just work out:-)

Till later....

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