Saturday, April 08, 2006

Read or die.............

.........That's what the button of a Border's employee said. I know it's a manga term , but I took it to mean something else.............

My meaning?

It's all about educating yourself. I read alot. So does my wife and we have passed the "reading" gene on the both of our kids. Our daughter read the last Harry Potter book in one sitting.

All 600 and some pages.

A fun night might see all of us in various parts of the house...........reading. Our son was up at 5 AM Sunday morning.......reading.

Yeah, we're sick like that.

I read books, magazines, cereal boxes...any damn thing I can get my hands on.

Here's a list of stuff that I have on my "to read" pile right at the moment.

I read these magazines regularly....

-Mountian Bike
-Dirt Rag
-Cycle Sport
-Pro Cycling
-Mountain Bike Rider
-Cycling Plus
-Scale Auto
-Car and Driver
-PC World

Plus a few more....

I also have several books to read.....

Lance Armstrong's War, Bobke II, Giant of Cycling (notice a theme here?) a huge book about the history of the Tour de France, several adventure novels and a book about Linux. Plus a spend an hour or so every morning reading news on the internet. So go ahead and ask me something, I probably have an opinion about it.

Our daughter might find this website useful in a few months when she goes off to college.

If you like to play around in Google Earth 3, this is a neat website about earthquakes that will add some stuff to your bookmarks inside the program.

Something smells fishy here. That's a real shocker, huh?

This is some scary stuff. Other then our morgage, we don't owe anyone any money. My wife and I both have fairly recession proof jobs but you never know........

Molly Ivins gets it right most of the time. Thing is, Washington is full of slimebags just like Delay.

I have a pair of these. Just about the most incredible earphones you can get. I can hear stuff on songs I've never heard before-they really do make a difference. If you want to spend more-get these.

Our family all went to breakfast Saturday morning after we pried our daughter out of bed at the unmerciful hour of 6:30AM. Afterwards, we went to Sam's and loaded up on stuff we needed. I finally bought myself a really nice push broom after wanting one for the last couple years. Our daughter got a few DVD's and our son picked up a few essentials like candy. My lovely wife got a new outfit to wear and a bunch of other stuff for the house.

Usually, when we go into Sam's, we don't take a cart so we don't buy anything we can't carry. Saves money most of the time. I still continue to drool over the laptops............I'd love to have a laptop so I could start making house calls to fix peoples PC's. Not sure if I really need a laptop, but it sure would be useful. Maybe I'll win the lottery.

Here's some ads with imagination. My favorite is the Marlboro man that killed his horse.

If you think the first two planes are low, wait for the third one. Holy crap.

Gatorade=Penis? Nope, I never thought of it that way. I just drink the stuff when I'm thirsty.

Today's science break.

I don't know who's "right" and who's "wrong" but this kind of shit isn't solving anything.

Get a free 32 meg USB stick.

Our son and I went fishing Sunday morning....

Image Hosted by
This is pretty much how it went.

We didn't catch a damn thing, but we had a whole lotta fun. See the rest of the pictures here. We tried several spots but came up empty. My son tried hoisting a few rocks into the lake to see if he could just smash a fish on the head, but that didn't work out either.

At least the ducks enjoyed our leftover worms and we had a great time.

My wife bought me a pair of Bose media speakers for my anniversary present.

Image Hosted by
Woo hoo.

These are great for hooking up my iPod to listen to in the garage or wherever. They are fairly loud for such a small speaker and the sound quality is better then I am used to. I'm liking them because they come with leads to hook up to the TV as well.

We headed over to my brother-in-laws for brunch on Sunday and managed to snag a nephew or two to take home with us.

Sure hope Kyle's mom is okay with AirSoft guns because Uncle George and cousin Dan are half-crazy.

Notice that my nephew at least has a pair of safety glasses on. I'm not that crazy. Kyle has a blast whenever he comes over because he gets to do stuff he usually doesn't get to do. That's what older cousins and uncles are for, right?

You think his mom is gonna turn him loose with a pellet gun? Unlikely.

All in all.........a great weekend.

Till later.

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