Sunday, April 30, 2006

Coke Blak tastes bad. Really bad.

Our son and I were out doing errands last night before I went to work and we picked up some Coke Blak.
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Not a very good taste. It says on the bottle "Coffee Fusion Drink" What a load of marketing bullshit.

You might like it if you like the taste of semi-flat cherry coke with stale coffee mixed in. It's got one of the nastiest aftertastes of anything I've ever drank.

Someone at Coke really musta had their necktie on too tight when they thought this "drink concept" up............

Gotta say thanks on the comments on my previous post concerning my pruning "skillz" I cut that bastard back like that every year, so no worries-it'll grow back.

Mom, I hope you and Dad spend every last penny you saved while you were working on stuff you and dad enjoy doing. If you don't spend it- I will. And yes, a little bit of it is going to be spent on bikes I really don't need.

Ptelea, I was going to ride to work last night but I was running late and had to drive instead. As soon as I get a chance, I'll be taking a picture. I also want to see what that beast weighs with all the lights, batteries and assorted stuff I carry. I'm guessing close to 50 pounds.

Later today, Daniel and I are going fishing again and we are going to check in on the duck's nest we stumbled upon last week. Hopefully I'll have a few pictures of all the fish we caught.........

Till later.

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