Monday, April 17, 2006

Don't be a jerk........

The Waiter Rule. This rule works for just about anyone in retail. I've waited on some people that have been real assholes to me and have have met them later in social situations. Amazingly, most folks don't realize what assholes they are when they treat "service people" like dirt.

If you receive bad service in a store or a restuarant, sometimes it's not your fault, but most of the time.......if you act like an asshole to someone in retail-expect to be treated like one.

Recently, I had a gentleman come in to our store at 11PM at night and explained that he totally forgot to order breakfast trays for a business meeting he was holding at 6AM the next morning. It would have been extremely easy to just tell the guy there wasn't any way I could help him, but I fixed him up with what he needed because he was asked nicely.

When he picked his order up at 5AM the next morning (not much sleep for him!) he insisted on giving me a 10 dollar tip. I tried to tell him I'm not allowed to take tips, but he wouldn't hear of it..........

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Fried stuff can be healthier. It just costs more to produce.

Web page about the SR-71. Coast to coast in 64 minutes. I'd say that was a pretty damn fast airplane.

Today's "You've got to be kidding me" link.

The RIAA will probably have this site shut down before long. I downloaded some rare Beach Boys recording outtakes.....

This has got to be the most incredibly bad deal on a computer EVER.

I spent a bout 4 hours detailing my wife's car on Saturday, it's amazing how scratched up and dirty a car can get in between wax jobs. I also found a banana peel under the seat. Yuck.

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How was everyones Easter? I found out the history of Easter candy and why it's associated with Easter.

We went over to my in-laws house for brunch. I put some stuff on my plate that I thought was potato salad but it wasn't.

It was pickled herring.

Holy Mother of God, I thought it was spoiled or something. It really tasted bad. My wife thought it was hilarious, so I put what was left on her plate so she had to eat it. She threw it out of course, she ain't dumb.

It was almost as bad as the time my dad made egg salad in a blender and tried to make me eat it. He coulda beat me with a stick, there was no way in hell I was gonna eat something that looked like it came out of a babies diaper. I'm not sure where my mom was that day, but thank God she backed me up when she got home.

I always loved you best Mom.

I was going to go for a ride Sunday morning but I got a wild hair up my ass and decided to wash and wax my van. I thought my wife's car was dirty, I haven't hand washed the van since last was pretty crusty.

If Rummy hasn't resigned by the time I post this blog entry........I'll be surprised. Him and Dick Cheney sound like arrogant bastards.

My dad might be getting a new camera. I'd kill (not really, but I might eat a bowl of pickled herring) for one of those. That's a sweet camera.

Google Calendar. This is pretty spiffy. I probably won't use it much as I don't do too much day planning, I usually don't even wear a watch so a calendar ain't gonna do me much good.

Till later........

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