Saturday, April 08, 2006

Driveway Basketball.


My son and I were out in the driveway playing "Dan's Rule's" basketball Friday night.

We are both a little out of shape.

After about 20 minutes, sweat was pouring off of both of us.

What is "Dan's Rule's" basketball? He kinda makes the rules up as we go along. Since I outweigh him by close to 100 pounds and have a foot or two more only seems fair to let him get every advantage possible, so some rules change as the game progresses.

There ain't nothing more fun then the first game of driveway basketball of the season...........

Good post by Cycledog. Yes, I do hate it when "religious" folks knock on my front door and ask for donations. They probably hate it even more when I cut them off mid sentence and say "Nottodaythankyouverymuch" and slam the door in their face.

Do I mind people that practice a different religion then me?

Hell no.

I don't care if you think the second coming of Christ is gonna be a goat, if it works for you-it works for me. Just don't knock on my front door and ask for money unless you are dressed as a Girl Scout and you're selling Girl Scout cookies.

Reading this article, it sorta seems like Scooter wants some company when he gets burned at the stake. I don't blame him one bit.

"Give it a shot" Damn.

Uranus has a blue ring around it. Could be funny depending on how you pronounce "Uranus". You know how I say it, don't you?

I don't know, but I think NBC might be the racists or at least corporate news whores. As an aside, I only watch a few races a year and I tape them all and fast forward through the commercials. I can watch a 3 hour race in about 1 hour due to them and Fox having commercials every 4 minutes.

Since this weekend is our 23rd wedding anniversary, I bought my lovely wife 23 roses and wrote her a card.

I can never find what I want in the card section of any store I go to, so I just write my own. Most of the cards in stores come under 3 categories.....

#1 Sickly sweet. These just try and pump sunshine up the ass of the person you are giving it to with a whole bunch of flowery mumbo jumbo. Most of these are utter bullshit.

#2 Funny cute. These ones are okay, but 23 years of marrige didn't happen by being funny and cute all the time. Let's face it, nobody is funny and cute all the time.

#3 Serious. Me, serious? Not my style. My wife would be pissed if I bought her a serious card with a bunch of stuff written in it that she'll forget the minute I ride my bike through the dining room. Just kidding honey.

So that leaves me with coming up with something on my own. What did I write in my wife's card? I'm not telling, but it was only 3 sentences and it will make her very happy..........

Till later........

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