Saturday, February 12, 2005


I caught a shoplifter last night at work. After being in the retail business for 30 years(since I've been 16) you can just pick out the people that you know are gonna shoplift.

Saw some guy eat 2 donuts and never offered to pay for them once he got up to the register. Most thieves are liers and it didn't surprise me when he denied eating anything. The look on his face when we rewound one of the security camera's tapes and he saw himself eating them was priceless.

It almost makes work fun. Too bad the guy now has a permanent record on account of 2 stolen donuts. Dumbass.

Besides being passionate about my family and cycling, my other big interest in life is motorsports. I love the WRC and NHRA drag racing. The WRC boys go sideways down gravel roads at 85 mph and the NHRA drivers go from 0-330 in less then 4.5 seconds. What's not to love?

F1 hasn't been the same since Senna died, NASCAR has become a caricature of itself, and open wheel Indy cars are just plain boring.

Not sure how someone figured this out, but it's quite mind boggling. Here are some more. Is your mind blown as bad as mine after watching them? Wow.

Our next door neighbor loves squirrels. He would need a 3rd pacemaker if he saw this.

This article almost had me................

Where the hell do kids learn this kind of stuff at such an early age? One answer comes to mind.........their parents perhaps? Only in Kentucky.

This clip has been around for's still funny.

$100 bucks for a cold soda. Now all I have to do is figure a way to mount and power it on the back of my mountain bike.

Today's "WTF?" link...........

This link is sooooo cool.

Some people mean well, but they are really stupid. Stilletto heels? Please.

This puts a whole new meaning on "rough sex". SFW by the way..........

It'll be kinda hard to "dine and dash" from this place.

Am I a geek? Uh, why yes I am, as a matter of fact. I spent 15 minutes on this site.

Less blood, more money. Nearly a half billion dollars? Unreal.

Unless Nick Lachey is waving his willy around at girls at parties-leave him alone. The less we all hear about Nick and Jessica-the better off we'll all be.

Underground nuclear explosion. Damn.

This, without a doubt- is my favorite link of the day.

With that............seeya all later.......

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Anonymous said...

I watch/follow most automotive racing except IRL and Nascar. Check out these if you want to watch some good racing. American Lemans Series, SCCA World Challenge GT and Touring cars, Australian V8 Supercars European Touring Car Series, British Touring Car Series (more contact than Nascar). Also check out UIM Jet Boat racing, it's autox with boats.