Monday, February 20, 2006


Now I remember why I don't watch many NASCAR races.
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They're boring. I'll stick watching NHRA races and the occasional WRC race I catch on bit torrent. In another few weeks it's gonna be warm enough to start riding so it's gonna be a moot point anyways..............

I forgot to mention that the pic I had at the top of my post yesterday was sent to me from one of my friends in an e-mail. Thanks-you know who you is:-)

I was reading this article and thought to myself..........who the hell let this deal go through?

Over 1800 people died in the Philippines and you know what? 2 weeks from now, we won't ever hear about it again. Very sad how the media works.......

In other news, those crazy Muslims are still burning shit down. They sure don't have much of a sense of humor, do they?

Interesting take on modern TV.

I don't remember where I saw this, but everyone does it.

My four things list?

4 favorite TV shows?
-NHRA races
-American Chopper

4 places I've been on vacation
-Niagra Falls
-Myrtle Beach
-New Jersey

4 favorite foods
-ice cream
-fried chicken
-fried anything

4 places I'd like to visit
-Virgin Islands
-South Pole

4 websites I like to visit
- Google News

4 things I wanna do before I die.
-bicycle across the US
-own a convertible
-celebrate 50 years of marriage
-sleep on the beach

Kinda boring list,huh?

This dude has one leg and rides for a living. (takes a few moments to load)

Jill finished her 100 mile race up in Alaska. Awesome job Jill!!!

Here's what the world needs........a 20 foot long 55,000 dollar pickup truck.

Til later.

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