Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I'm back from donut hell..........

I don't want to see another fashnacht until next year. I am totally wiped out. I lost track of how many I made, but it was a shitload. Here's a scary fact, I used 250 pounds of partially hydrogenated veg oil in the past 2 days. Mmmm, yuck.

I usually work by myself unless I'm training someone but last night I worked with a couple of my fellow employees that usually work in the daytime. Both of these folks smoke and to be honest, smoker's waste alot of time taking "smoke breaks".

I know because I used to smoke and I would plan 5 minute gaps in my production so I could slip away for a quick smoke. I forgot how rank smokers stink right after they are finished a cancer stick. I'm so glad I quit.

This is an excellent opinion on last weeks "Ports" debacle. Kinda funny how folks that ride bikes are usually pretty smart and write well, huh? Of course, I don't include my self in that group.....I just sorta hunt and peck...........

This short TV news feature about an autistic young basketball player has been on several of the blogs I read. Now it's on mine. I guarantee you that it'll make you smile.

Different folks have different ways of speaking........yes, they certainly do.

Combover Hall of Fame.

This is some scary stuff. I'm glad the girl had the smarts to go to the cops. Imagine how this guy's wife feels.

Rip your DVD's to your hard drive and then burn a back-up copy or 12. Too bad I don't own any DVD's.

Ten words that don't exist.

This is the first time I have ever agreed with the Bush White House. Hilary is gonna lose, but jumping Jesus on a pogo stick......Jeb Bush for president? Most of America probably would say the same thing if he does change his mind and runs. I'd like to see someone with a higher then room temperature IQ run this time. Maybe someone can talk Condi into running......Whatever, at least I have higher then a 34% approval rating.

Off to sleep for 14 hours.............till later.

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