Sunday, February 12, 2006


Maybe I was wrong about that snowstorm............

As it stands now, it looks like we might get 10 to 12 inches of snow. As I was driving home from work this morning, at least 6 inches was on the road and it made it kinda tough to get home since I live at the top of a fairly large hill. My next vehicle is definitely going to have all-wheel drive.

Lots of folks that ride are anti-car and I am to a certain point but my favorite sport is coming off of their off-season this weekend.

Yeah, they go a 1/4 mile in less then 5 seconds and use about 8 gallons of fuel to do it.......I guess I'm a motorhead at heart. I've been to several races and nothing on earth is louder or accelerates faster........well, maybe one of the AC/DC concerts I've been to have been as loud.......

Just finished watching the Swedish Rally yesterday, those guys are NUTS. Cover your average logging road with glare ice and snow and then drive it at 80 mph.

At night.

They were hitting rises in the road and launching their cars airborne for a good forty or fifty feet. The next time I hear how tough the NASCAR boys have it, I'm just gonna laugh.

Here's a good story about lawn mowers and Wal-Mart. Me? I buy the 99 dollar one. The last expensive mower I had got destroyed when I attempted to mow through a 6 inch thick tree stump. I like the disposable ones much better.

Eat at McDonald's. That's just weird.

How come they didn't have this kind of stuff when I was a kid? Wait, I'm still about 12 on the inside.........maybe it's not too late.

My mom sent me this since I have so much respect for George Bush. Actually, I wouldn't mind seeing Condi get a crack at being President. She is an extremely intelligent person, so why not? I am neither Republican nor Democrat, I just want to see someone with some damn common sense be in charge.

I knew we were in trouble when George kept reading to the kids for 5 minutes on 9/11. God help us all that nothing happens to him until January 2007 because his replacement is a Dick.

I wonder if this is legal to use for deer hunting. Wouldn't be much deer left.............

Time to go blow some snow...........

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