Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Sometimes a picture is worth ............

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What do ya think the chances are he's a NASCAR fan?

I always wondered how they did that.

Mack The Knife was #1 when I was born. That makes me feel old.

I like this organization.

Fool me once...............public speaking certainly isn't one of his strong points.

How to use the bathroom at work. Part 2 here.

Home Gun Shopping Network. One of those certainly would take care of your home intrusion defense needs.

Next Tuesday is one of my least favorite days of the year. I'll make about 350 dozen of the greasy little buggers.

Been really watching what I eat and as a result.......I'm in another notch on my belt. Too bad I have absolutely no muscle tone in my legs, I am so gonna suck when I get back on the bike this spring. On the few rides I've done this winter, my buddy Hank motors away from me on hills like he's riding a motorcycle.

This is funny if you're a geek. What's even funnier is all the comments from everyone below the picture. Arguing on the internet is like hitting yourself in the face with a brick.

It only feels good when you stop.

Till later

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