Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I'm Irish...........

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Figured I might as well start this post out with a picture.

Who doesn't like pictures?

Actually I saw this as a graphic you could buy on a T-shirt. I was tempted to get one but my wife would probably disavow knowing me.

Here is reason #3794 why there will never be peace in the Middle East. Sure, the cartoons might have been in poor taste, but burning down buildings and killing people over them? Damn.

I'm not British and I don't know any folks from England but their police seem really anal. Gotta thank Tim for the linkie.

Jimmie Carter probably isn't going to go down in history as one of the country's best Presidents but he always says what's on his mind.

Holy shit, are these people real?

These have to be some of the dumbest people living on the planet.

80 inch trousers? That's gonna be one big-ass hole in the ground.

Today's science break.

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Islam has jumped the shark. You don't see Catholics or Protestants burning down embassies and killing folks over cartoons. We just burn each others churches down.

I really think George is back on the bottle.

I bet GM goes bankrupt before the year is out. Darn shame for all the retirees.

So far the new comment system thingie seems to be working fine, I haven't seen any comment spam yet.............

Our cat continues to acclimate itself to it's new surroundings. She doesn't run in the other direction when she sees me nearly as much as she used to. I've never seen a cat before that loves to get it's belly rubbed so much.

Five blades? How many damn blades will they stop at? I have one of those razors with 3 blades and it's already easy enough to shave a lip off.

Ya'll have to check out this blog post from fellow bike blogger Matt. It outlines our country's energy policy over the past 30 years. Very well written-a must read.

I haven't been out on the bike since last Thursday's ride-the temps are back down in the 20's in the morning.........just too darn cold for my 46 year old knees.

Wow, these are some amazing photos taken in China.

I really don't care much for Tom Cruise but here's another spoof of Brokeback Mountain.

Damn Lutherans...............

Till later.

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