Saturday, February 25, 2006

Ever have one of those days........

I had one of the most unluckiest customers on the face of the Earth last night. This poor guy got sent out to the store by his wife to pick up his daughter's birthday cake.

Sounds typical so far, right?

Where we run into "issues" is the fact that the wife called in the order to what she thought was our store but in actualality, she called another store in our chain located 20 miles away. I got to talk to the guy's wife on his cellphone and she was about the rudest snotbag she could possibly be. She insisted she called our store and was gonna come in and rip my face off if I didn't decorate her a cake.

While I'm having this pleasant conversation, our assistant store manager is calling all the other stores to try and find this lady's cake. Luckily, he found it at the second store he called and I had the pleasure of telling this woman her husband had a little driving to do.

I just pity the poor husband, he has to live with her. She was a screamer.

I listen to some off-beat podcasts late at night when I'm making donuts, last night I listened to a couple guys interview a group of people that make adult films for a living and were at an actual filming of an adult movie. It's nothing like what it must appear like on film, everything is very businesslike behind the scenes and those folks make a shitload of money.

Porn must be popular.

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