Sunday, February 19, 2006

How cold is it?

9 degrees.
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6 or 8 weeks from now, it will all be a memory for another year, but right now 9 degrees kinda sucks ballsack.

Another thing that sucks is I just read on our club's website that a bunch of our trails in one of the county parks we ride in were logged and bulldozed. Since our local water company owns the property and our parks system leases the land from them........there ain't squat the parks can do about it.

I'd rather pay a few more bucks on my water bill and still have a quiet place to spend time then look at a mud covered , bulldozed hillside. Since most of York County has their fat asses firmly glued to their Lazy Boy's......they don't get outside much to notice that someday-they ain't gonna be any damn trees left.

Since our club president is also the president of our county parks board and the board is pretty tight with the water company, I guess he can't make much of a stink about without getting himself into hot water. Kinda sucks the whole way around.......

Speaking of being glued to a Lazy Boy recliner-I'm going to have to plead guilty later today, looks like it's gonna be a good race. My favorites? Mark Martin and Tony Stewart.

Till later.

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