Saturday, February 04, 2006

Comments on the new comment system.......

I'm trying a different comment system for this blog, lemme know if it works well or is a pain. It was super easy to install, just a few clicks (auto install if you use Blogger) and I was done.

If it works here without me getting alot of comment spam I'll be happy:-) It would be nice if everyone using Blogger would switch, putting in those text strings everytime I want to comment on someone's blog is a pain in the hiney.......................

.............................This has got to be one of the weirdest advertising campaigns for vodka I've ever seen. NSFW due to language. It's not very P.C. either. Actually, it's not P.C. at all.

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I'd like to see that happen.

Go here to see some Go Daddy TV ads that were denied. Yikes.

Damn. I want to get a job at Google, check out all this food. I wonder if they need anyone to make donuts?

A 26 foot long poop? I wonder who cleaned up the bowling alley. What possessed someone to make a 26 foot long turd?

I like this bumper sticker. From your friends at Landover Baptist Church.

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Except billboards.

Brokeback to the Future.

This is all kinds of awesome. A squirrel catapult. Only one squirrel was harmed in the making of this video. He only had a headache afterwards. Honest. I think.

Cartoon from the Washington Post.........
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Click to make biggerer.

Useful tool for decoding IP addresses. It's up to you as to what to do with it:-)

Molly lets George have it.

This is pretty neat. Who woulda thunk it was possible 25 years ago?

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Which exit do you get off?

My favorite? The Flying Spaghetti Monster emblem, of course.

Till later.........

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