Monday, February 06, 2006

Steelers win the Commercial Bowl........

I have to be honest, I only watched the first 3 quarters and I went to bed. It's hard to believe that advertisers paid 2 1/2 million bucks for 30 seconds of time. I liked most of the commercials but my favorite ones are usually the ones from Budweiser. Too bad for them I don't drink very much beer.

I thought the Rolling Stones half-time show was boring as hell. Just like last year when they had Paul McCartney. there some sort of reason they don't have an AMERICAN recording artist do the deal at half-time? Sure, they might not want to have any of the Jacksons have anything to do with it ever again, maybe they could have one of those rap stars do it. Or not.

Anyone actually go to Washington last week to see the State of the Union address? I understand that they have redone Congress..........

You can tell Bush isn't worried about getting re-elected. Kinda sucks if you are 65 or older, a college student or someone that has to pay taxes. That would be everyone I suppose.

I had something interesting happen to me at the local convenience store on Sunday morning. Some guy standing outside was panhandling. Wanna know how much he was asking for?

10 bucks.


What, is the guy out of his mind?

Thing is, he was talking on a cell phone and stopped talking long enough to ask me for 10 dollars for a cab ride.

Start walking pal.

Here's a couple of computer crashes. I woulda liked to have done that with our first computer.

Here's a news flash......radical Muslims are rednecks. And most American newspapers are spineless.

This guy is lucky he didn't try that where I work.

French fry encrusted corn dogs. Yum. Sheryl probably doesn't appreciate me posting that link:-)

"We are all brack people". A very good example of "Engrish"

til later......

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