Thursday, February 02, 2006

I didn't die or anything........I'm pretty pleased

Had a great ride yesterday morning. Colder then I thought it was going to be, the bank thermometer was right at 36 degrees.

I was jonesing for a ride really bad, I think it could have been 10 degrees and I would have been okay with it. It felt great to get out and get some fresh air. We only did about 20 miles but it was worth putting on all the warm weather clothes.

The good news is that I have lost over 10 pounds since January 1st, the bad news is that I really, really, really suck at riding up hills. My buddy seriously kicked my ass anytime we went up a hill. I thought he had a jet pack or something. No where to go but up.

I see the Saddam trial is working out very well. What a cluster.

"Since when is free speech conditional on whether you agree with the president?" I'm not 100% in agreement with everything that Cindy Shehan says, but she's got a pretty damn good point this time.

Leave it to a bunch of tree-huggers to screw up one of Pennsylvania's last good reasons to take a day off in the middle of the week to watch a bunch of drunk old men fondle a groundhog. It's all a bunch of nonsense anyways.....

I bag on George Bush a lot in this blog, but after reading this article, I'm wondering if he isn't sitting in the Oval Office banging down shots of Jim Beam and rolling doobies. Did anyone tell him what a mess the new prescription plan for senior citizens is?

........and he wants to screw around with MY healthcare benefits? I don't think so. Why can't he just focus on the economy and getting the hell out of Iraq?

Can't someone down there in Washington give him a few pointers on what American's really want? What do I want? I wanna be left the hell alone. Let me pay my taxes and you folks down there in Washington get your heads out of your asses and run this country-not other countries halfway around the world.

Sorry, I'll get off my soapbox now. Feel free to let me have it in the comments section if I've pissed you off.

I know a couple engineers that will like this picture.......
Image Hosted by
So what's the phone number? I'm too lazy to figure it out.

Congratulations. If you are reading this, you're not a dumbass.

Damn. Those folks sure don't have much of a sense of humor. I'm Irish. Think I oughta go on a rampage when St. Patrick Day rolls around and I see a cartoon of some fat dumb Irishman drinking a beer?

iPods cause hearing loss? No way! I love it when the lawyers get involved so we don't hurt ourselves. I listen to mine at a low enough volume that I can hold a conversation with someone but if I want to make myself deaf-I should have that right. Dumb people should be allowed every opportunity possible to take themselves out of the gene pool.

Torrents and lots of'em. Not that any of ya'll would do anything illegal with them.

Valentines Day is soon coming, make sure you buy your sweetie a decorated Valentine's Day donut. That's right, I make donuts for every holiday. Am I going to buy my wife a donut for V Day? Ummm, probably not. I think I'll stick to flowers or something.

Till later.........

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