Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Cool off in front of the oven

Summer weather is here.

Yesterday, I was gonna cut the grass, but when I walked outside at noon to get busy..........the grass didn't seem so long anymore. Even with all our trees, it seemed like it was 90 degrees with 900% humidity.

When I got to work last night, our store had suffered a power surge and the air conditioning wasn't working properly. I stood in front of the ovens a couple times to dry the sweat off. Sounds crazy but it works. I can take the heat just fine, it's the humidity that puts me in a foul mood.

Today's science break. .......more news about diabetes. A very good friend of mine is in the process of losing his toes, makes you really think about what a nasty disease it is. My buddy is finding out the hard way.

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It's not a real ship.

I'm guilty of this. I've never downloaded any American TV shows, I do download stuff from the BBC and a few WRC races. They have some good TV programming in Europe.

Good article about the basics in photography. I like taking pictures, I'm sure glad I have a digital camera, because I'd burn through a lot of money buying film if I had to pay for each shot I take- I'm not that good yet. For every 100 shots I take, maybe 2 or 3 are keepers. Here's some advanced stuff. It's amazing what can be done to a digital image.

Never drink Pepsi and eat a bunch of Mento mints at the same time.

Robbers picks the wrong guy to rob. If I were a robber, getting the shotgun I was using kicked out of my hands might be a good indication that I should choose another victim. No one said criminals were intelligent.

Don't get me wrong, I like Starbucks coffee, but 4 or 5 bucks is a bit much for me to pay for a cup of fancy coffee on a regular basis. I still think their names for the different sizes of drinks are stupid. What's wrong with "Small", "Medium" and "Large"????

She said she had to overcome shyness to become a singer? Uh, yeah....I kinda have a hard time believing that. I thought her 15 minutes of fame were up already.

I shoulda been a plumber. A million bucks would buy me a lot of nice bicycles.

God, just give me sign you hear me.

F**K the movie. NSFW link. I watched the trailer and besides the obvious use of the word F**k every 5 seconds, it looks like a really interesting documentary.

I'm always the asshole at the meeting that asks what exactly a “inverted blade-center uptime matrix is......I don't know if that means I'm smart or not, but I know bullshit when I see or hear it. If a business concept or product is good stuff, you don't need to explain it.... it explains itself. If someone asks you what time it is, don't tell them how to build a clock.

I knew there was a reason I like to ride. Actually, there's way more then just one reason.........and I don't have to feel bad about not having 6 pack abs.

Till later.

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