Monday, May 08, 2006

I caught more then one fish yesterday. And I caught the largest fish. And we had fun. I wasn't thinking and didn't get a picture of my fish but it was at least a foot long. Honest.

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I'm right underneath this, so no mtb riding today. Monday is usually my day off, so that's kind of a bummer. I am dying to get my singlespeed out and push it up some hills.

6100 websites link to mine? That's a helluva lot of links.

Here's my next mini-van. It's not really a minivan but I like it. At the rate I put miles on the one I own now, I will need a new one in 15 years. I'm totally okay with that though.

None of this explains why my wife married me. I'm not exactly sure why she did, but I'm glad she did.

They can change the look of the building, the burgers are still gonna be greasy.

I really don't enjoy working weekends, but it's part of the job. The best part of working overnight is people watching. Normal people don't shop for groceries at 3AM in the morning. This past weekend I got to see a pair of clowns shop.

How often do you see clowns shopping for groceries?.......That's what I thought, not often.

On the way home, I always stop at the local convenience store and get my wife a cup of coffee, this past Sunday morning, I got to see a felony traffic stop right in the parking lot of the convenience store. Just like what you see on COPS. It was pretty cool. When the man in the police car turns his red and blue lights's a real good idea to pull over right away and do exactly what he says.

Turns out the guy was driving a stolen car so it wasn't much of surprise when 4 or 5 cop cars showed up. Just like on TV.

Rick Santorum is a real slimeball. We are so lucky to have him here in PA.

Couch jumping might cost Tom some money. After his views concerning Scientology and psychiatry became public.....I lost interest in watching him be an action hero.

Till later.

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