Friday, May 05, 2006

The Donut Guy shoots his mouth off some more.....

Time to poke some fun and make some comments on stuff...............

First off, somebody e-mailed me and complained about yesterday's link.

Did I not warn everyone one that the link was profane (lots of F-bombs) and that it might offend you if you don't have a sense of humor about your beliefs?

I think I did.

So, dear reader (the one who sent me the e-mail), you are hereby not permitted to read my blog anymore.

Piss off.

Go away.

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Everyone else still here?...........................

I'm conflicted. Which story is more important? David Blaine's pruny hands or world hunger..........

"Somebody shoot me in the face". Gotta love Steven Colbert. That dudes got a serious set of balls to say what he did with Shrub sitting right there.

I love and I mean I love movies where shit blows up. My only problem is that Tom Cruise is such a f**king squirrel, I'd have a hard time keeping a straight face watching his latest movie.

This is too bad this isn't going to work out. I think they should legalize everything except meth and crack in small quantities. And of course tax the living shit out of it so we can pay down the national debt. Personally, I think taking drugs, smoking or drinking to excess are really stupid, but alcohol and tobacco are legal so why not make some money off of legalizing the other stuff

I used to watch this guy on PBS, sorry to hear he passed away. I was pissed when his producers screwed him over after 32 years.

None of this surprises me one tiny little bit.

I see people like this shopping all the time. It's great that they save money, but I bet that she has so much shit in her house it looks like a clutter bomb went off.

It's because they're drunk. They're Irish, what do you expect?

.40 BAC? Damn, that's drunk. And stupid.

I wanted to ride in to work last night, but 4 hours of sleep and 3 hours of yard work meant I was pretty much cooked before I even put in my 8 hour shift making donuts. Maybe tonight........

I did have a great ride the other morning with my friend Hank, I've lived in York most of my life, but he always seems to find roads I've never been on before. I might have been on some of them, but most of the time I am in oxygen debt trying to keep up and sorta lose track. Good times for sure.

Here's the pot calling the kettle black. That's amazing, U.S./Russian relations are going to be back at Cold War levels soon.

This is just downright spooky. I wonder if some asshole will drive down the street and uproot the mailboxes like they do in my neighborhood.

Till later.

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