Friday, May 19, 2006

Wow dude,pass me the floor glue........

The remodel on our store is going agonizingly slow. My favorite workers are the two 50 year old stoner hippies doing all the tile and linoleum work. I think they spend more time smoking cigarettes (I think), measuring stuff and snapping blue chalk lines all over the place then they do anything else.

Maybe they've sniffed too much floor glue or something, but they work slow.

When I was a kid (late teens-early twenties) a friend of mine owned an arcade full of games like this and I used to get to play all the games for free. Brings back some memories........

Sure sounds like a fancy car. I'd hate to have to get anything repaired on it. I'd have to be filthy sticking rich to even think about owning a car that cost 30,000 dollars more then our first house.

Jon Stewart on George Bush.

Corny joke time.........

A pickup with three guys in it pulls into the lumber yard. One of the men gets out and goes into the office.

"I need some four-by-two's," he says.

"You must mean two-by-four's" replies the clerk.

The man scratches his head. "Wait a minute," he says, "I'll go check."

Back, after an animated conversation with the other occupants of the truck, he reassures the clerk, that, yes, in fact, two-by-fours would be acceptable.

"OK," says the clerk, writing it down, "how long you want 'em?"

The guy gets the blank look again. "Uh... I guess I better go check," he says.

He goes back out to the truck, and there's another animated conversation. The guy comes back into the office. "A long time," he says, "we're building a house".

Get it? Yeah, that's what I thought.......hey, I liked it.

Guess who sponsored this video...........If you answered Exxon, you'd be correct.

Today's science break. Meteor showers are fun......... long as one doesn't hit you on the head.


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