Monday, May 15, 2006

If some's good, more is better...........

Here's a better video of the rear lights on my Surly. I think that will be sufficient. It's got that "WTF???" factor.

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I put some reflective tape on it as well.
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It will be hard to miss.
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Actually, I guess I want it to be easy to miss the more I think about it.
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It looks like the beam pattern is aimed too high but it's perfect. I have the flood light aimed fairly close to the bike and the other 2 lights are aimed further down the road.

It's pretty damn bright.

I really like those bar end lights.

I wish we had a ride like this here in PA. It would probably have to go north-south instead of east-west due to the length of the state but still.......

I am thinking about trading in my current cellphone for one that has a camera included. Nothing real fancy, I just want the ability to take random pictures. Nothing like this monstronsity. That thing looks like it will do everything except toast bread. I'm sure folks get used to all that technology, but not me.

This is cool. Bike thieves are scum.

I might have to have another bottle holder brazed on the Surly.

Today's science break.........Mark your calendar for Sunday, April 13, 2036. I'll be 76 years old by then.

This is interesting. I know that we have a few touch screen ordering displays in our store and by tapping a certain amount of times in a certain place on the screen-you can get into the sysytems menu. I wonder............

President Al Gore. Not sure how things would have been different, but they wouldn't be the way they are now. I sure hope they don't end up like this.

I've blogged this site before, but in case you missed it........go on a one minute vacation. And use headphones.

Bush's Revised Revised Revised Story.

Till later.

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