Monday, May 29, 2006

Dumb TV shows...

I don't watch a whole lot of TV but I do have a few favorites........some of my favorites would be considered "dumb TV" I suppose. For example, I like watching Monster Garage. Not much redeeming value there, but hey-I like it, so I watch it.

Here are some really dumb TV show I saw listed in the online TV guide....

-World's Best Bathrooms-Bathrooms in some of the world's most popular cities. This is an hour show? I like a nice bathroom as much as the next guy, but lets face it-nobody spends any more time then necessary in one.

Trading Spaces. I've actually seen this one. Two family's change houses and each one redecorates a room in the other's house. Unfortunately, the show I saw, one of the decorators rummaged through the attic of one family's house and found some heirloom glassware and painted it. The other family was not amused. Why someone would let another family into their house to redecorated a room with reject decorators escapes me. My idea of redecorating a room is to go to Circuit City and buy 10 grand worth of electronics. Done.

Dog The Bounty Hunter-Seen this one as well. Some old guy with a bleached blonde wife has a bail bond business in Hawaii. They all seem nice in a trailer trash kind of way, but the show is pretty much the same every week-stake out some bail jumpers and take them to jail. The only part I don't understand is how you hide and stake anything out when you wear 20 pounds of S&M gear and most of your family comes along to help dressed the same way.

Any of those TV shopping shows. Especially if you are buying jewelry.

Hot Trends-Spring Cleaning ideas Saw this listing on the Home and garden channel. My idea of spring cleaning is to move the Lazy Boy and vacuum up all the pretzels from Super Bowl.

Deal Or No Deal- This show seems to be on every night on NBC. I like it when they get up to 200,000 bucks and say "NO DEAL HOWIE" 200,000 bucks? Are you freakin' kidding me? Take the money. Yeah, I've watched this one too.

Any of those Hollywood news shows. None of those stars or celebrities would give those reporters the time of day if they didn't have a movie or a TV show to pimp.

Extreme Makeover. I like the concept, but you just know some of those families are just gonna trash the house after a year or so.

Any wrestling show. Grown men wearing pink spandex? I don't think so.

World's Wildest Police Videos. I used to watch this one. It's a half hour of televised police chases with dubbed in sound effects. You can't outrun a police radio. I learned that from the host, John Brunnel-he says it about every 10 minutes during every episode.........................

...................Had a great ride Sunday afternoon, again I forgot to bring a camera. Too bad because I would have gotten a great shot of a snake eating a frog. Must be extremely dry, my allergies were killing me about an hour after the ride. That's my excuse for losing when I got sucked into a basketball game with my son and he cleaned my clock 10-0 right after riding.

Till later.

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