Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Karl Rove is a dipshit.

Karl is a dipshit.

I don't approve of or like George Bush.

And Karl needs to pop his head out of his ass soon because it looks like he's about to be indicted.

I watched a couple minutes of the President's speech concerning immigration, here's a solution........grant anyone that wants to move here from Mexico automatic citizenship provided that they sign up for 2 years of active duty in the armed forces or the Peace Corps. All the other crap he is coming up with isn't going to work.

June 6th is National Day of Slayer. Yeah, I know it's on 6/6/06. I also know my mom reads this, I'm sure she'll be proud of her 46 year old son, even if he does like to listen to speed metal once and awhile. Don't worry, I ignore all the Satanic references-I just like the music.

Tasteless joke time........

When Jesus was put on the cross he looked down and he calls to peter, and peter tries to approach.

But the roman guards prevent him with violence, they blacken his eye and scuff him up pretty good

Jesus calls him again "Peter.." and peter cries "I'm coming lord!", and throws himself at the guards who beat him roughly and break his arm at which point he whimpers off.

Again Jesus calls to him, "Peter.." Peter yells to Christ "I'm coming!" , then throws himself at the guards again.

Putting up a vicious struggle, but not laying a hand of violence on the guards.

Finally they consent and let him pass.. and peter.. his broken arm.. badly badly bruised and slashed makes it before Jesus and kneels and says "I am here father what is it that you want of me?".

Jesus: "Peter, I can see your house from here."

I sure hope Jesus has a sense of humor or I'm not gonna be needing a jacket when I die.

Find the "X"
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I guess math isn't my strong suit. Actually, this was part of an actual math test someone took. Looks like they are gonna be going to summer school.

I'm such a little boy on the inside.........
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My son and I love setting off fireworks every year on July 4th. I bought enough so that he can invite a few of his cousins over and maybe an uncle or two. Nothing in the picture blows up, just stuff that makes a lot of smoke and sparkles.

This opinion of mine is probably gonna piss a few of my readers off..........Pets are NOT people. I don't want any of my tax money spent on evacuating pets. Next natural disaster, let's save all the people first and then worry about pets.

If I don't go straight to hell for listening to Slayer, I'll definitely get there for posting this.(NSFW)

International Space Station. Way cool pic.

This sucks. I get two 15 minute breaks and a 30 minute lunch everyday where I work. Playtime is important. We used to go turkey bowling every night at lunch time, but don't tell our store manager.

One helluva an ally we got there...... at least until their oil runs out.

Good way to de-nut yourself.

What sound does a cat make when it purrs in Russia? Find out here.

My old man reads this blog once and awhile too, this link will be of interest to him since his hobby is photography. Buy that new camera yet, dad? Go ahead, you only live deserve it..........

.........even if the money comes out of my inheritance.

Till later.

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