Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Our company likes to spend money.....

Our store is in the middle of its 3rd major remodel in 8 years.

This remodel is the biggest so far, we are expanding into what used to be a clothing store that was next to us. It's gonna be really nice when it's done, but with all the money they have budgeted for it.......they could have built a new store.

What do I know, I just make donuts for a living.

Our kids were off on Monday, Daniel due to a scheduled day off and our daughter due to having the flu over the weekend. I think this is the first time she has been sick since something like 7th grade- she is one tough girlie girl.

Daniel and I went to the store to stock up on fishing supplies for our next outing, we went through at least a dozen hooks, most of the bobbers we had and a whole bunch of lead weights. I still pretty much suck at catching fish, but I think I will be changing my strategy next time we go out.

Can you have a strategy when you fish?

I'm not really sure, maybe I'll just push Dan into the lake if he catches anything. Just kidding Dan, although as hot as we were on Sunday, we coulda used a swim.

Girlspeak To English Dictionary. Not all these are true but lots of them are.

Improv Everywhere's latest mission. If they show up in our store, they'll probably be told to stop standing around and get to work.

Till later.

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