Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Time for another ass whoopin'

My buddy Hank is coming over this morning to do a road ride.

Time to get my ass handed to me again.

I'm not complaining, I kinda enjoy it.

I think we are gonna commiserate over being the first two people in world history to be kicked out of YAMBA.

I wrote the entire board an apology for mentioning YAMBA when Hank and I talked to the reporter from the YDR and offered to call or meet with each board member individually to look them right in the eye and apologize.

No, I get an e-mail from the club's treasurer seven hours before their board meeting asking me to answer a specific question and to answer it honestly. Give me a break. I'm 46 goddamn years old, just pick up the phone and call me.

Hey, it's not like Hank or I hacked off someone's arm on a trailwork day or pushed someone off of their bike on a ride or even said shitty things on their message board. We made an error in judgment by mentioning the club when we were talking to the reporter.

Would I change anything?

Yeah, I wouldn't have mentioned YAMBA when I talked to the reporter about the York Water Company hacking up Kain Park.

All I can say is the YAMBA board are taking themselves way too seriously and are spiteful on top of that. I have friends on the board, so it's kind of hard to take but I guess that's the way it's gonna be.

Shit happens.

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